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A weight loss diet is an intake of food that requires the use of some of the excess calories from the body’s fat stores.

There are nearly 50,000 calories stored in each extra stone

If you were on fire, you would not add fuel. With so many calories available in storage, dietary calories are not needed for energy.

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No one is living exclusively on the nutrients or calories in their daily intake. We have a large capacity for STORAGE of CALORIES
(that’s why we have overweight and obesity)

We won’t fall apart if we use nutrients or calories from storage.
We do it all the time

Lipotrim is a Total Food Replacement Programme enteral feed, formula diet, that is nutrient complete, ketogenic, and Calorie restricted

It is a professionally monitored pharmacy service available in over 2000 pharmacies in the UK and Ireland (cost is generally less than the cost of the food it replaces)

The only reason nutrient complete diet formulas have any calories at all is that the essential nutrients include:

  • Essential amino acids from proteins
  • Essential fatty acids from fats
  • and some carbohydrates - along with the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements

The required protein, carbohydrates and fat have a potential calorie value

Adding more is actually detrimental


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