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Gaviscon: An extensive range to treat diverse patients

Can be prescribed or recommended:

  • Before a PPI, while taking a PPI, or after stopping a PPI8-11
  • Widely available as liquids and tablets for adults, and granule sachets for infants to help patients self-care4,5,7,12-15

Gaviscon Double Action

Alginate/antacid combination

For symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux, such as acid regurgitation and heartburn, plus symptoms of indigestion and excess stomach acid4

Gaviscon Protective acid reflux barrier
  • Co-locates with the acid pocket and offers targeted relief of post-prandial symptoms16,17

Gaviscon Advance

Concentrated alginate

For symptoms of acid reflux and laryngopharyngeal reflux, such as hoarseness, acid cough and sore throat5

Gaviscon Protective acid reflux barrier
  • 53% stronger than some other alginates*1
  • No known drug interactions5
  • 62% less sodium than Peptac/Acidex liquid**5,18

*10ml of Gaviscon Advance compared to 20ml Peptac, 15ml Gastrocote, 10ml Rennie Duo and 20ml Algicon Suspension. In vitro study1 **Based on maximum recommended daily dose.5,18

Gaviscon Infant

Works differently to Gaviscon for adults or feed thickeners4,5,7,19

  • Thickens and stabilises the stomach contents by forming a gel in the stomach to help babies keep their feed down7
  • Suitable for breast and formula-fed babies alongside existing feed – no need to change choice of feed or feeding method7
  • Easy-to-use sachets can be mixed with water or milk feed, during or after a feed7

Gaviscon Range*4,5,7,12-15

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*Not an exhaustive list


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