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Cold sores, Alzheimer's and pork

Bloody hell. Batten down the hatches. Because the cause of Alzheimer’s has been found. And it’s the humble cold sore.

Bloody hell. Batten down the hatches. Because the cause of Alzheimer's has been found. And it's the humble cold sore.

I can't wait for those affected by HSV-1 – pretty much everyone – to pour into my surgery berating me for not prescribing aciclovir on the basis that it does sod-all. Or sod very much.

After all, according to the story, it seems that these anti-viral drugs now offer a possible cure for dementia – though I guess you'd have to rub the cream pretty hard to get it into your brain.

Of course, closer scrutiny of the story reveals a ‘may', a ‘might' and two ‘could's. Plus a ‘Much more research is needed' and a ‘There is still uncertainty…'

Uncertainty? Not on my patch. The punters are sure. After all, read the headline."Cold sores an Alzheimer's risk"'. And it's not even the Daily Mail. Well done the BBC. By using apostrophes it can distance itself from mass panic. And hey, it's only ‘journalism'.

Tesco value - it won't make you ill

I was struck by the revelation the other day that Tesco Value Pork Sausage Rolls contain no more than 6% pork.

The other 94% is made up of water, wheat flour, vegetable oil, pork fat, salt and emulsifiers, in case anybody is interested.

Before we cry "Foul" though, although I'm sure that's the way they taste, is it possible that Tesco had been pre-warned about the Irish pork recall?

I can picture the advertising campaign, "Sausage Rolls - 94% dioxin free, at Tesco. Every little helps."

Copperfield - Cold sores, Alzheimer's and pork

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