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NHS 111 procurement timetable will be 'challenging'

NHS England will spend £33m on reprocurement of technical elements for NHS 111 in order to meet a ‘challenging’ deadline of April 2015, it has said.

It aims to find a provider for the technical ‘telephony’ system, which routes calls to NHS 111 through to the correct local NHS providers.

This will cost £33m, a board paper revealed, and any ‘slippage’ in the timetable will lead to ‘loss of business continuity’.

The board paper listed one of the ‘chair’s actions as: ‘To approve the outline business case for the 111 telephony re-procurement at a projected whole life cost of £33.3 million. The timeline to achieve this re-procurement is challenging, and any slippage will impact on the set up and test phase and create a significant risk of loss of business continuity for the NHS 111 service.’

A spokesperson for NHS England said: ‘Without a national telephony contract in place, there would be no NHS 111 service.  The technical telephony provides the infrastructure behind the service ie it takes the calls and routes them through the local providers of NHS services which have been locally commissioned by CCGs.  By having this infrastructure in place it enables the public, no matter where they live or whatever their circumstances, to be able to call the service for free to meet their urgent health care needs.’

Please note - this article has been amended since it first appeared. It was wrongly stated that the £33m was going towards reprocuring the providers for NHS 111. We apologise for any confusion caused

Readers' comments (6)

  • Vinci Ho

    So on hand , people are moaning and actually believing there is no new money can be invested into general practice and of course more budget cut is coming , then on the other hand, such a big sum of money is flushing down the sink for a political ego. The cheaper the better politics backfires!!!

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  • I know this setup from chats to workers .i F you thought nhs direct was trouble think its little brother and the same gene pool ..think worker setup

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  • I wonder what percentage of callers to 111 get advised to visit their GP, Walk in Centre or A&E?

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  • always money in the kafkasque hopelessly mismanaged damaged nhs for
    political and bureaucratic misguided schemery...not to mention recently revealed excessive expenses claims from nhse and the serial waste due to that unfit for purpose 'organisation'..i use the word advisedly.
    pity nicholson didn't 'challenge' the grotesque waste and inefficiency in nhse.
    however of course there is never enough in the 'new' internally 'marketed' monstrously bureaucratic nhs for clinical staff beds or needed treatments..the truth reveals the real priorities sadly..forty per cent increase in administrators in last few years ..obviously of more value for sad if it wasn't so utterly outrageous.
    a pity the public doesn't know the truth..there should be crowds wielding pitchforks at the department of health.
    nhs 111 is one of the worst of a series of disastrous mistakes made by nhse and doh..when will heads roll..when will they be made accountable?..nhse needs urgent revolutionary reform.
    the diversion of nhs resources from the vital to this sort of failed idiocy is a first rate national disgrace causing real harm to people needing a review as comprehensive as that of the failed banking cartel.

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  • Used them for child this weekend .. Really a form of reception so gp accident or local ooh diverters . Our reception has no expensive setup for the PC algorithms
    Is it worth the money ..? Hard to work out a cost benefit

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  • Bob Hodges

    The problem with NHS111 is that it's never a case of 'do you need to see a doctor' but a case of 'WHEN do you need to see a doctor'. They then proceed to arse it up spectacularly from there, never letting any inklings of common-sense divert them from the course of true idiocy. (I have seen ambulances sent to people with COLD SORES on TWO spearate occasions because lip swelling/assymetry = stroke or anaphylaxsis presumably).

    If you, as the first point of contanct, you are not able to effectively tell someone to 'go away', then you are NOT doing 'triage' - you are doing 'something else'.

    'Something else' just pushes cost and risk throughout the rest of system in increasingly ransom and unpredictable ways and magnifies risk at considerable 'cost'.

    That's a Lose:Lose situation in my book.

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