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Dr Andrew Mimnagh

...on being the baddest thing on the street

...on being the baddest thing on the street

The best thing about my practice is the friendliness of my colleagues and staff.

And the worst is the mezzanine floors and no lift for patients.

My greatest fear is not being aware of anything I'm afraid of. I regularly do night visits in rough parts of the city and my ego-defence is that I'm the biggest, most dangerous thing out on the street.

The trait I most dislike in myself is my appalling timekeeping. Luckily my patients' usual reply to my apologies is: 'You're worth seeing and I know you've been working hard.'

My funniest moment as a GP was when a rep came into a meeting, didn't realise I was there and said to a colleague: 'I know it's not in the GP contract but we just need to swing it past them. They'll buy it – they are suckers for being told it's good for their patients.' Her face when I introduced myself was a picture!

The place I would most like to practise as a GP is here. I'm a near local lad; to survive Liverpool you should ideally have been born near here and qualified here.

The vehicles I own are a sensible Peugeot 807 people carrier, a Bailey Pageant caravan and a battered but very fast Peugeot 306.

Being undervalued in terms of my time is the most annoying thing about being a GP.

If Choose and Book were a car it would be a Delorean – futuristically visionary but impossible to maintain and fatally flawed. Fundamentally a good idea but in the end faded, jaded and dated in an incredibly short period of time.

My most treasured possessions are my saxophones.

My favourite word is anancastic.

My guiltiest pleasure is sex. I'm a catholic and it's sin to enjoy it!

The thing that annoys me most in the world is tribalism. Be it football teams, religion or nation states, the drawing of distinction from others and the negative acts that follow are primitive pack tribalism – seen in any social mammal but beneath what we as humans should aspire to be.

If I could do one thing to change the world, it would be provide universal clean water and sanitation. It's achievable with available technology and it's an outrage that we have children dying of preventable illness across the world.

Cramp keeps me awake at night.

Stupidity makes me depressed. I can treat anything but stupidity.

The best reason for a sicknote a patient has given me is 'I put my back out having sex in a Mini and the fire brigade had to cut me out.' Of course it was a lie!


• Chair of Sefton LMC

• Proposer of LMCs conference motion declaring Choose and Book 'unfit for purpose'

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