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Dr James Oliver

...on weekends, his namesake and inspirational vets

...on weekends, his namesake and inspirational vets

The best thing about my practice is the working relationship I have with my partners.

And the worst is chaos.

Being made to work at weekends is my greatest fear.

The trait I most dislike in myself is not letting go.

The trait I most dislike in others is not being upfront and honest.

My greatest achievement is I've just set up a diabetes clinic in Jamaica on my own, totally off my own back. I went 25 years ago as a medical student and always said I'd go back.

My Citroën DS is my most treasured possession.

Nothing keeps me awake at night.

My funniest moment as a GP was when a patient who said he had worms came in with a plastic bag containing a worm about two feet long in it. All my partners then started flinging elastic bags around the place as if they were worms.

The place I would most like to practise as a GP is here, I love it. But outside of England, then somewhere in the West Indies.

The car I drive is a Land Rover, but the Citroën is the one I own and tinker with, cuddle and caress.

Bollocks is my favourite word. I love it, it's round and crisp and says it all.

The book I'm reading at the moment is The Traveller's Guide to Jamaica.

Harveys, a locally brewed beer from Lewes, East Sussex, is my guiltiest pleasure.

If I could do one thing to change the world, it would be to get rid of politicians.

I believe cottage hospitals are important because they are an integral part of the community and are very rewarding for both me and patients.

I'm stepping in to save our hospital because geographically it is ideal. There is an enormous sense of pride towards it and we owe it to the community to show a sense of goodwill. Most GPs wouldn't bother, would they? It takes a rare breed of GP to support a cottage hospital like ours. We'll happily give up six months' salary if it means that nurses will keep their jobs.

I relax by fixing old cars.

Wanting to go and watch the cup final is the best reason for a sick note a patient has given me.

The guest at my ideal dinner party would be Jamie Oliver, because I am also a Jamie Oliver. We could do an article together about the cook and the doctor.

My favourite fictional GP is not really a GP; James Herriot is the fictional character who turned me on to general practice.

If I wasn't a GP, I'd be a farmer.


• GP in Uckfield, East Sussex
• One of 10 GPs working without pay to save the medical ward at his local cottage hospital from closure

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