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Dr Nigel Dickson

...on lazy dispensing GPs, ethics, chocolate and Miss Worlds

...on lazy dispensing GPs, ethics, chocolate and Miss Worlds

The best thing about my practice is being singlehanded.

And the worst is being singlehanded!

My greatest fear is not being able to get a locum to cover my summer holiday.

The best thing about being a GP is being a generalist.

GPs should not bring cultural beliefs into consultations because our patients do not have the same values as us.

Secondary care, particularly the delay in getting back test results is the most annoying thing about being a GP. Why does everything take so long? If it was me I'd just run the whole bloody shop and the patient would be seen and sorted right then.

The trait I most dislike in myself is being a workaholic.

The trait I most dislike in others is being lazy.

Virtually everyday something funny happens. But the time I was a registrar training at a family planning clinic, when a consultant asked the nurse for a Copper T, which is a kind of coil, and she brought him a cup of tea is my funniest moment as a GP.

My most treasured possession is my family.

The book I'm reading at the moment is a Stephen Fry book on bipolar illness.

My guiltiest pleasure is eating chocolate.

My favourite word is no.

A dispensing, rural practice is the place I would most like to practise as a GP – they don't do anything, do they? It's a different world to working in a singlehanded practice. To me it seems that all dispensing rural GPs do is play golf all day and complain about the astronomical price of servicing a Mercedes – whereas I drive a 17-year-old Volvo. I'm not going to be very popular now, am I?

If I could do one thing to change the world, it would be to save all the little children in the world – isn't that what the Miss Worlds always say?

My greatest achievement is becoming a doctor.

Not being able to afford to retire makes me depressed.

I relax by working – I just do it all the time.

That their employer wants one is the best reason for a sick note a patient has given me. They all say that but they don't really need them.

The guests at my ideal dinner party would be Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara and Jesus.

If I wasn't a GP, I would be very bored.


- Singlehanded GP in Southampton
- Critic of GMC draft guidance on personal beliefs and medical practice that says GPs who conscientiously object to abortions do not have to refer their female patients

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