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Dr Ruth Livingstone

...on Lord Darzi, false teeth and saying no

...on Lord Darzi, false teeth and saying no

The best thing about my practice is working with my wonderful husband, our lovely patients, fantastic staff and living in the most beautiful stone town in the UK.

And the worst is working across the boundaries of four counties and all the hassle this causes.

My greatest fear is letting people down.

The trait I most dislike in myself is procrastination.

The trait I most dislike in others is resistance to change and not agreeing with my great ideas!

The best thing about being a GP is the freedom we have to run our practices, develop services and organise our working lives. We have tremendous influence within the NHS at the moment and this is a time of great opportunities.

I accepted a role as clinical lead on Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review because the SHA was persistent and I find it hard to say ‘no'. Actually, I was pleased they asked a GP to take a senior role in this review, as GPs are in a unique position of having an overview of the whole system.

I am optimistic about a clinician-led review of the NHS because for the past few years, clinicians have been seen as part of the problem, rather than as part of the solution.

The patient with a list of problems for a 10-minute consultation is the most annoying thing about being a GP.

My funniest moment as a GP was when a patient was admitted to A&E having swallowed his false teeth while asleep in a chair. The X-ray was normal and he had no symptoms, so he was sent home. The nurse popped in the next day and found his teeth under the chair, where they had been all along.

My most treasured possessions are my collection of Bruce Springsteen CDs and my car.

This beautiful town of Stamford is the place I would most like to practise as a GP.

‘The job centre keeps finding me jobs and this is stressing me out' is the best reason for a sick note a patient has given me.

Getting older makes me depressed.

My favourite word is coffee.

The book I'm reading at the moment is Lord Darzi's interim report. Sad, but true. I love reading but only have time for novels when I am on holiday.

My greatest achievement is helping develop our local out-of-hours service and removing the burden of compulsory shifts from our GPs.

I relax by playing tennis, watching films, eating chocolate and doing puzzles.

If I could do one thing to change the world, it would be to find a source of sustainable energy.

My guiltiest pleasure is chocolate. And white wine.

The thing that annoys me most in the world is listening to politicians. They have mastered the art of saying absolutely nothing, but taking a long time to do it.

The guests at my ideal dinner party would be Gordon Ramsey, George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Jude Law, because Gordon would do the cooking - I don't think I need to explain the other choices.

My favourite fictional GP is Doc Martin.

If I wasn't a GP, I'd be an artist because I love messing around with paints.

Dr Ruth Livingstone: a Bruce Springsteen fan Dr Ruth Livingstone: a Bruce Springsteen fan

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