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Early exodus planned

We asked you what message

you would like to send to GPC negotiators about the new contract ­ and you didn't hold back...

The good

The good

'Well done producing a good

start to a better life for GPs.

The contract can be developed and improved with time.

Why do British GPs complain

so much?'

Dr RJ Dunster, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

'The new GP contract is good for people already providing good-quality care.'

Dr P Sivabalan, Liverpoool

'I think they have done a good job. The contract is better for GPs and patients.'

Dr MI Morcos, Fleetwood, Lancs

'A lot of work is involved but most of the quality points are very worthy and benefit patients a lot.'

Dr Jonathon Pratley, Worcester

The bad

The bad

'Oh dear! Done in good faith

by committed and diligent

people I know ­ but a mess all

the same.'

Dr Stephen Pill, Clevedon, Somerset

'Think clever for the next one.'

Dr Keith Charlton, Alford, Lincs

'It is a good way to make

money, a bad way to provide patient care.'

Dr D Brown, Elgin, Grampian

'Back off and let us be doctors.'

Dr S Timmins, Kent

'Where did the ''trust'' go?'

Dr E Ward, Townhead, Yorkshire

'The Government is destroying quality by trying to measure it.'

Dr A Bauchop, Burlesden, Hampshire

'The new contract was prematurely introduced before being fully researched and funded. It is bureaucratic and delivers little in the way of patient care.'

Dr Caroline Sayer, London

The ugly

The ugly

'Phrases involving ''paddle'' and ''creek'' come to mind.'

Dr M France, Chorley

'You have been grossly incompetent and let GPs down by holding a ballot before so many issues had been properly addressed.'

Dr M Sorensen, Worcester

'Where was the second vote that was promised? Resign or better still fall on your swords publicly.'

Dr G Meyer, Willaston, Cheshire

'You sold us short again. Only fools would have agreed to

deal with this government

with no definite money on the table. Now we have no


Dr V Nataraj, Blackburn

'Scrap it and start again.'

Dr Ivor Hughes, Liverpool

'Well done! You couldn't

organise a booze up in a brewery. This contract is a complete disaster.'

Dr P Bolitho Jones, South Oxhey, Herts

All work, no play...

All work, no play...

'Mobilise more support to practices, reduce paperwork and encourage good work carried out by hardworking GPs. More brickbats, less bouquet!'

Dr Rajakulendran, Headington, Oxon

'Morale is low, my partners are disillusioned and we feel financially insecure. Although we are working harder and in the right direction, the transition is slow.'

Dr David Fuller, Malvern, Worcestershire

'I seem to recall once having coffee breaks, lunch breaks and half-days. Please explain why they disappeared!'

Dr D Appleby, Shropshire

'The contract could deliver higher-quality care but not without more staff, flexible and trusting PCOs.'

Dr JA Lilley, Leighton Buzzard, Bucks



'Can you find a cure for my terminal malaise of the soul called chronic irritative disillusionment?'

Dr J Derounian, Glenlivet, Moray

'Is there a Judas in your bunch?'

Dr Garth Ezekiel, Richmond upon Thames

'You need to consider incorporating our Christian heritage into your planning, and to safeguard our basic ethical position as shown in the Hippocratic oath.'

Dr John Etherton, Peacehaven, East Sussex

'Promises, promises...'

Dr S Debenham, Birmingham

'Don't change the goalposts!'

Dr I Donnellan, Shropshire

'It's general practice, Jim, but not as we know it.'

Dr M Plant, Barnes, London

The insider

The insider

'I'm a negotiator and I resent the claim that people cannot approach me.'

Dr RP Holden, Matlock, Derbyshire

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