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Escape to Australia... oh, hang on a minute

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Here’s a heads up for any of you who’ve been considering a life spent throwing shrimps on the barbie, strolling along sun-kissed beaches and maybe seeing the occasional crook Aussie to pay the bills.

It not the great white sharks, it’s not the dunny spiders, it’s not even the requirement to finish every sentence with an an annoying upward inflection. It’s worse than that.

The Australian Medical Council is seriously considering the introduction of a revalidation system largely based on, and here’s the funny bit, the British model.

Appraisals once a year, a five year cycle, an annual learning portfolio - all the cornerstones of the UK set-up are there - leading up to a five yearly revalidation.

And that’s just Plan A. ‘Higher risk groups’, and that’s everyone who’s been flying solo in practice for more than five years (so that’s ‘all of you’), get to be appraised every six months if the Aussie’s answer to the GMC opt for Plan B. As if preparing for an annual half day spent bullshitting like crazy about holistic, patient-centred, inclusive general practice didn’t involve enough form filling already.

And as for Plan C, you don’t want to know. Really, you don’t. Suffice to say that hoards of Flying Doctors might be boarding planes heading for the UK if it ever comes to fruition.

Hopefully the Aussies will be able to distinguish fair dinkum from complete bunkum and punt the idea into the outback where it belongs.

Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed doctors who’ve already booked their short break in London to include a visit to Australia House.

There is some good news though. It’s only a short walk from there to the Canadian High Commission, so the weekend might not be an entirely wasted.

Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP in Essex. You can follow him on Twitter @DocCopperfield 

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Readers' comments (18)

  • We'll end up with hoards of doctors drifting across the planet to wherever they can find the most 'light touch' regulation - a bit like banking...

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  • So get yourself to Canada and NZ now whilst you can before a swarm of Aussies overwhelm their institutions?

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  • Get out of the country or general practice
    No hope for us

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  • "Anonymous | 16 September 2015 3:48pm

    Get out of the country or general practice
    No hope for us" be honest I think we all better just get out of general practice full stop.

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  • ...i have been GP in australia for nearly 10 years. It is not that great. It is poorly paid and the patients have extremely high entitlement and GANFYD mentality. IMGs are openly held in contempt. Aussie gov and political meddling is stupider than the nhs. Please, any other other English gp in Australia argue with me otherwise

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  • @9.23pm

    is that you again Maureen?

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  • This comment has been removed by the moderator

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  • Drachula

    It would be really nice if we could all be a bit kinder to each other in these posts. Perhaps posting with names would help the courtesy?

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  • @9-23 I'm a highly satisfied ex-UK GP in Australia. Admittedly I've never worked in a city practice, only an inner-regional one. I find the patients less demanding and less consumerist than in the UK. I work in a non-bulk-billing medical centre and if patients generally are happy to pay the account for a good service. I love the 'hands-on' style of practice over here - lots of skin cancer excisions, plastering, suturing etc. also being on double the money that I was making in the UK tends to help. I'd recommend Australia to UK GPs, but the opportunity will be gone in a few years as there is a Tsunami of Australian trained Medics coming through the system.

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  • 6.59am. I wholly agree. No one in their right mind would pay heed to the 'anonymous' rubbish that spouts from people's keyboards.

    As for Australia, I commute there four times a year. It beats the nonsensical GP system in the UK hands down, both on professional satisfaction and income. There is so much that's good about the NHS but the GP set-up is awful. THAT sector of the UK health care system s where there is contempt and general mistrust at what GPs can achieve if they are given the chance.

    And no, the OMGs in Australia are not treated with contempt., unless they deserve it - and that usually means they are the standard whingeing Poms that everyone writes about.

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Dr Tony Copperfield is a jobbing GP in Essex with more than a few chips on his shoulder