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Ever thought of writing a book?

Matt Green and Sarah Silvester from Apply2Medicine, a leading provider of career progression support and non-clinical development, give an insight into how GPs can become published.

Matt Green and Sarah Silvester from Apply2Medicine, a leading provider of career progression support and non-clinical development, give an insight into how GPs can become published.

Why be published?

There are many options open to GPs to become published but many overlook the option of writing or contributing to a book. As a busy GP why would you want to write a book? There are personal as well as career-driven factors that will influence your decision to want to be published.

Whilst there are many motives, most GPs write primarily to gain recognition from their peers, enhance their CV and improve their career prospects. Although some may consider it less academically prestigious than peer-reviewed papers, books usually appeal to a wider audience and give the author credibility. Besides the prestige factor, there are also the financial rewards; advance payment, author royalties, or a combination of the two.

How do you get involved?

Successful authors have certain qualities; they know their subject, understand where their book fits in the market, and write well.

Once you have decided on your subject you need to submit a proposal. It is fairly rare for a publisher to accept a complete manuscript for publication on spec. In your proposal you should demonstrate that you understand the commercial market and readership your book is aimed at. You also need to define what makes your book unique and how it is better than the competition.

Your book proposal should contain some or all of the following:

• Brief summary of contents
• Description of target audience
• What is unique about your book
• List of chapters
• Sample chapter
• Your CV

41213802Besides the sole author approach there are other possibilities which include: working with one or two colleagues, dividing the subject up according to your interests and expertise; or editing/co-editing a multi-contributor collection. An editor of a multi-contributor book would have additional responsibilities such as chasing contributors, editing and suggesting rewriting to fit the book's tone and style.

The publishing process

Just as authors seek publishers, publishers also seek new authors. The publisher will already have an exact idea for a book, series of books or project they would like you to develop. If you do not have an immediate idea for your own book, it is still worthwhile registering your interest with a publisher.

You can do this by submitting your CV or an outline of your subject specialism, experience, qualifications and anything else you think may be relevant. Publishers are always looking for experts in a particular field and you may fit their profile.

The publisher's decision to publish your book will be influenced by considerations such as: Is the focus right? Is there scope for it in the market? Is it profitable? The book should not date quickly and, ultimately, should be appealing to the readership.

Once your proposal has been accepted the publisher will issue a contract (intellectual property rights), agree payment (advance or royalties) and set a schedule for submission. It is important that the final manuscript follows your original outline closely, and does not exceed the agreed word count.

Contacting Apply2Medicine

Apply2Medicine publishes books that support career progression for medical students, practitioners and allied healthcare professionals. If you are interested in submitting a book proposal or would like to become involved with one of our existing projects email your CV together with your area of interest, brief outline of your book (if you have one) to and we will contact you shortly.

Why write a book? "Books usually appeal to a wider audience than journal papers and give the author credibility." Matt Green of Apply2Medicine Matt Green of Apply2Medicine

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