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You responded in huge numbers to our Agenda 2005 survey. You expressed grave fears for the future of your profession and profound frustration over the obstacles that make your daily working life more difficult than it needs to be. Here we set out the headline results that led us to launch the Pulse Manifesto – together with some of your views

Core values

91% of you demanded protection for the generalist GP

76% of you were worried about the future of general practice

What you told us:

'Release us from the ghastly, all-engulfing overregulation that is destroying our individuality and preventing us doing what we think is best for patients'

Dr Ian James, Bolton

'Value us as holistic doctors who care – not just box-tickers'

Dr Elizabeth Shawcross, Shepherd's Bush, west London


74% of you wanted more support to say No

to unpaid work

71% of you were concerned about your workload

What you told us:

'Stop the political fiddling and pay us the real market rate for the job with sensible working conditions –

and we will give you a truly world-beating NHS'

Dr Adam Kowalczyk, Swindon

'Respect and value GPs – even a day without us would overwhelm secondary care'

Dr Frances Cryan, Bolsover, Derbyshire


72% of you demanded a complaints system that is fairer to GPs

What you told us:

'Patients should be fined for trivial complaints – we should have a proper procedure and it should not be controlled by politicians'

Dr Matthew Kiln, London

'A GP is innocent until proven guilty; we didn't used to work in fear, now we do. Get off our backs and support us – most of the public do'

Dr Carolyn Cheetham, Helston, Cornwall

Health scares

71% of you said GPs should be allowed to exception report childhood vaccine dissenters

60% of you demanded action to reduce the impact of health scares on GPs

What you told us:

'Health scares are outside the control of the GP – when we get to the point when we have done all we can and the parent has still refused a vaccine, that child should be exempted'

Dr George Kassianos, Bracknell, Berkshire


53% of you said more money is needed for premises

What you told us:

'There are GPs in dire premises who just cannot move – the practices can't get the money and the PCTs don't have the money'

Dr Nigel Watson, New Milton, Hampshire

'We've made some progress with LIFT but a one-size-fits-all approach is not the solution – the potential of practices that want to improve without moving is not being realised'

Dr Ken Aswani, Waltham Forest, London


78% of you said the Government's IT policy 'badly needs revising'

75% of you demanded a rethink on Choose and Book

What you told us:

'If I did 14-minute appointments I would never have time to eat, sleep and go home – and regarding Choose and Book, I am not a travel agent!'

Dr Peter Eastwood, Leeds

'Think again about IT – take advice from practising GPs and slow down'

Dr Diana Wilks, Stockport, Cheshire


77% of you demanded that the retirement age must stay at 60

73% of you are concerned about proposed

changes to pensions

What you told us:

'The suggestion is that you will have to work well into your dotage – being a GP is a demanding job that requires a lot of concentration so I have a concern about working for longer and the quality of care

we can give'

Dr Jim Lawrie, Beckton, London

'Keep the retirement age at 60 and I will

vote for you regardless of political party'

Dr Donal Collins, Fareham, Hampshire

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