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Locum life has much to recommend it, not least the freedom to structure your day as you wish. John Doe is getting fit, but his planned sideline as a TV extra is not quite coming off.

Locum life has much to recommend it, not least the freedom to structure your day as you wish. John Doe is getting fit, but his planned sideline as a TV extra is not quite coming off.

Throughout my medical career I have always felt a bit hard done by.

Before the "hospital at night nurse practitioner" came along I was the last JHO to work night shift at one hospital. My FY successors would enjoy 6 hour days, endless coffee breaks and a complete lack of emergency training. Not that I was bitter.

I remember also filling out seemingly endless forms for several weeks to complete my GP "greencard", only for the powers that be to cancel the process and introduce MTAS/MMC into my life.

And it also seems that I am entering the world of Primary Care just as the government is kicking the last scrap of morale out of it, while at the same time screwing the whole enterprise out of money.

So, after all this, I don't feel guilty for being able to enjoy the perks of being a locum.

As I wave my wife off to work in the morning I know I have free reign when it comes to my day. I can choose my own hours, so if a birthday, anniversary or a Friday is coming up I can elect not to work and go out with my friends instead.

I get to do all the sports and activities I sacrificed as a junior, as well as a few I have never done before.

For instance, I have now become a dab hand at DIY. I installed my first shelf the other day and it has only fallen down twice. The house is looking better than ever, and, in a refreshing gender role-reversal, I have the tea on the table for the missus coming home!

I have taken to hill walking and as a result lowered my blood pressure and CVD risk significantly. I now go to the gym most days and feel fitter than ever. I hesitate to say I look better because in a brief moment of pure narcissism I thought it might be a good idea to apply to be a TV extra. As yet I still have had no calls.

Shame, I had visions of progressing to a leading role, or at the very least a lucrative deal for channel 4 as a senior medical advisor. The schmoozing with the bold and beautiful a by product I would try to put up with.

I have even taken to downloading audiobooks, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and spending the rest of the day just listening. Obviously the gym work has left me too tired to hold a book or turn the pages.

I can honestly say I am happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. I often wonder why I bother applying for a partnership at all. Then the mortgage bill arrives.

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