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Get-out clause for violence

From Dr Kieran Deeny


County Tyrone

I always enjoy Phil Peverley's no-nonsense, street-wise style, but I must particularly commend him for his dismissal of the latest new 'medical disorder', intermittent explosive disorder (IED), as a 'pile of steaming fetid crap' (Columnists, 15 June).

We should add to this pile the medical excuses for disobedience (oppositional defiance disorder – ODD) and refusal to pay attention and wrecking (ADHD).

As a GP for 22 years I am appalled that yet another 'medical disorder' has been manufactured to excuse errant and unacceptable human behaviour.

We are told that 7.3 per

cent of the US population meets the 'criteria' for an IED diagnosis.

In other words, more than 21 million Americans

have now got a medical way out of being accountable

for destroying property or beating their wife, husband, children or anyone else for that matter!

More seriously, what is extremely disturbing for us as doctors is that it is our own once noble profession that is actually creating these medical opt-outs for unacceptable acts of human indiscipline.

We may soon have a society where true badness, evil or crime just does not exist.

All socially unacceptable behaviours or actions

will be excused away by some illness or other created by removed-from-reality psychiatrists.

We must unite as a profession and demand urgent action to bring our psychiatrists back to reality via intense training in common-sense before we all end up living in a very dangerous and freakish society with our prisons empty and all sorts of therapists on every street corner.

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