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GPs' mixed views on GPC 'cave-in'

GPs had a very mixed reaction to the GPC's resolution that the government's contract offer is 'less damaging for general practice' than the alternative imposition.

Dr Elizabeth Barrett - Shirebrook, Derbyshire

‘I don't like to see the negotiation process dumped but the Government has done a good job of trashing us, and it was a hard PR battle to win. We probably got the best deal we could.'

Dr John Orchard - Alfreton, Derbyshire

‘I am suggesting all surgeries close in protest at the compulsory £6,000 pay cut. We provide an emergency service only and rally in Hyde Park to defy this outrageous imposition. This is the last stand for general practice.'

Dr Kailash Chand - Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester

‘We have a very cunning enemy, and it's very difficult to match their cunning. Extended hours is a smokescreen for a much bigger fight. We should wait and be prepared for the big fight. This is just a small skirmish.'

Dr Paul Meadows - Bristol

‘The BMA has been very shortsighted in its assessment of the Government's proposed contract imposition. Its advice that to accept this is the lesser of two evils does not take into account what happens next year and so on.'

Dr Nicholas Davies - Leeds

‘The poll is now unnecessary. We'll have to get on with option A. It's not bad for us, and it gives patients something they probably want. The key thing is how developments go in the next 12 months and whether the Government is magnanimous or vindictive in victory. I dread to think what the Government will go for next year.'

Dr David Spiers - Exmouth, Devon

‘By saying the offer is better than the imposition, the GPC has caved in. The damage is done, their credibility is shot. We have to vote No or the Government will know they can buy our co-operation for a small short-term loss and we will not be able to say we are sticking to our principles.'

Elizabeth Barrett

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