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CAMHS won't see you now

Has the DH thought through the 'sepsis audit'? Don't be silly

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One of the various reasons why so many of us are currently looking for the nearest bus to hurl politicians, or in their absence, ourselves, under, is the steady stream of diktats issued by the DH, which have to be fulfilled yesterday.

And this from a department that has failed to hit deadlines for just about every major initiative over the last year or two (think CQRS,, the Patient Choice initiative, e-referrals etc, etc).

So, I have a few questions about their latest Grand Plan, the command that every practice should conduct a ‘sepsis audit’ by March:

-Why March? Why the rush? Why choose our busiest time of the year, when we’re mopping up the dregs of winter viruses, trying to use up the last of our flu jabs, cranking up towards the QOF deadline and digging the pit to put the vipers in underneath the CQC welcome mat?

-Do you guys really know what an ‘audit’ is? Do you understand about criteria, standards, data collection et al, in the context of this clinical area within primary care? Do you? Really? Liars.

-What in your brain isn’t working for you not to understand that forcing professionals to do things that are neither clinically sensible nor contractually prescribed is, like poking a dog with a stick, both cruel to us and dangerous for you?

-WTF is sepsis, anyway? It’s an ill-defined term, especially in primary care. A quick Google search reveals that some say it’s blood poisoning, others suggest it’s the body’s inflammatory response to infection, and yet others insist that it’s systemic illness caused by microbial invasion of normally sterile parts of the body. Any chance of clearing that confusion up sometime before March? Because that’s a pretty wide remit. You know what, don’t bother, because you’ll probably decide that what you really mean is for us to audit ‘bacterial infection’, which will clarify nothing other than your complete cluelessness about how general practice works.

-Why don’t you just bugger off?

Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP in Essex. You can follow him on Twitter @DocCopperfield 

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Readers' comments (13)

  • Sadly the anger / amused frustration ratio in Copperfield's posts is increasing. This reflects the real anger felt by GPs at the constant, addictive, meddling that politicians and senior managers seem incapable of resisting.
    Their urges to fiddle are getting worse, the more the NHS implodes. Will the NHS hold until the election?

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  • GPs could just en masse so no we are too busy. But unfortunately there will always be a bunch of tree hugging cardigan wearing GPs who will bugger it up for the rest of us.

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  • Cobblers

    -Why don't you just bugger off?

    Yup that about sums it up for NHSE, DoH, CQC, HMG GMC and I'm sure other can add to the list.

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  • We need to take inspiration from the Grangehill cast in 1986 and "Just Say No"! You know you want to 😁

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  • No way I am doing this no point no clinical value what they going to do about it burn me at the stake,love the way the Daily Mail confused as to why nobody wants to be a gp

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  • This is all just part of their preconcieved plan to Drive GPs as far away as possible, in one way or another! And Why is that! To reach one of the many end games of their greedy agenda. Privitisation along with Salaried GPs who will no longer call any of the shots re pay and conditions. Thats what they appear to be doing everywhere els, except for the poorer sods lower down the food chain you are lucky(or not so) to get 12 hours work a week pt on a zero hours contract, or if you are even unluckier, unable to find paid work and forced into one of their 'privatised labour camps', where you have no employment rights whatsoever and the slightest hint of being pissed off about it gives them the opportunity to Slap a Sanction on you and removing your meagre social securtiy payments for a MONTH for starters. They call it, "Supporting Claimants into Work"/

    Its all to NASTY to contemplate for too long, drives one to MENTAL ILLNESS. But Im beginning to think that they are not just sabbotaging the poor, but our GPS as well.

    Dont put up with it. We need you lot especially in this Frightening World the Gov are mapping out.

    You have more power than you think if you make a stand together.

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  • Looks to me like they could be using tactic used in psychological warfare. 'Shock and Awe' Create a climate where people are bombarded continuously with Stress, and they go into a state of Shock because their bodys' and minds don't get time to deal with each stressor before its bombarded with another. During the aftermath of the shocks, we behave differently and enter a state of group dissociation, and whilst in that state the victims become more suggestible and more manageable, ie easier to manipulate and implement change. They are using it all the time in many ways. Only some of us are beginning to become aware of it, Just needs more people to really see whats going on and then they will become disempowered because we can put a stop to it.

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  • Hear hear-can't agree more with above posts-George Orwell's Animal Farm & 1984 spring to mind-along with the delightful Mein Kampf-something needs to be done about our politicians interfering all the time

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  • And its only going to get worse as the election approaches .
    We are we are the puppets on the end of strings that will get pulled and jerked by them that must be obeyed (or lose out) over the next few months.

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  • It's summer-time here in the Land Down-Under.

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Dr Tony Copperfield is a jobbing GP in Essex with more than a few chips on his shoulder