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Independents' Day

'New deal' for GPs: at a glance

Read all the key points from the new deal here


‘Changing focus’ on medical education so that general practice is compulsory and a ‘better experience’;

Marketing campaign to medical students (first announced in NHS England’s ten-point review);

Rolling out the pre-GP training year, having claimed success (first announced in NHS England ten-point review);

The returner scheme to tempt GPs back to UK general practice (first announced in NHS England ten-point plan);

‘New flexibilities’ for GPs reaching retirement age, to be worked out with the BMA and the RCGP  (first announced in NHS England ten-point plan);

1,000 physician associates will be available to work in general practice by 2020 (new deal announcement);

Incentivise new GPs with a year training in another specialty (first announced in NHS England ten-point plan).


NHS England produces statistics about clinical staffing levels per patient (new deal announcement);

NHS England to develop tools to help practices reduce the reporting burden and manage the mountain of bureaucracy to report by the autumn (new deal announcement).  


NHS England to work with NHS Clinical Commissioners to develop £10m programme of support for struggling practices (new deal announcement);

£1bn ‘Primary Care Infrastructure Fund (PCIF)’ spread over four years (first announced in 2014 Autumn Statement);

£7.5m of the PCIF to go to train community pharmacists and give them appropriate tools (new deal announcement).

Seven-day access

Government admits that seven-day access aim is to reduce A&E attendances: ‘The role and purpose of 7 day primary care is about much more than  convenience – it is about making sure precious hospital capacity is kept clear for those who really need it’ (new deal announcement);

18 million people to benefit from improved access by 2016 (Challenge Fund);


Health Foundation to work with NHS England to work on ways of publishing practices’ clinical outcomes relating to vulnerable patients to be published in the autumn, with first data to be published in Spring. The CQC, BMA, RCGP will also be involved in the work (new deal announcement).

Social prescribing

Guidance to be produced by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges on making social prescribing become ‘as normal a part of your job as medical prescribing is today’ (new deal announcement).

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Readers' comments (24)

  • "Seven day access"

    I am still laughing...

    Show me how. And why. Please. Give us all a laugh.

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  • "Marketing campaign to medical students..."

    Will it go something like this. "Take this unique opportunity to be on call day and night for your patients..." ..... "for ever and ever...."and ever..."... "subject to an annual appraisal/mental health assessment".

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  • Think McCoy:
    Damn it Jim (Jeremy) I'm a Doctor not a.........[insert any idea that idiot wants us to be except being a doctor, father mother brother sister husband wife partner or have any realistic chance of a life]
    And if anyone quotes Vulcan idiom 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few' I'll go all Klingon on you!
    PS Maybe Jeremy suffering today as I'm not sure he believes he can deliver Dave's promises, I know I can't even with a huge pay rise- there aren't enough of us to keep up with demand. The input valve needs shutting down Scotty we canny take it anymore.

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  • Drachula

    He really is a smooth talking offensive twerp! Have slogged and slogged for the last 6 years in an effort to improve patient care and increase income so I could pay staff more, I am now back to doing locums. And I shall work the hours I am paid for.
    Actually, I prefer to be able to give wrap around care, which is why I give out my mobile phone number to EoL patients' families even though I live out of the practice area. I know OOH isn't the same, but successive hover have created it like this.
    And now it is our (GPs) fault.
    This is all deeply unpleasant and not likely to attract more trainees.
    And anyway, there aren't the training places.
    And why get GP trainees to do another job for a year? They need GP experience not psych/paeds/whatever. What do you think we do out here in the real world?
    Where do you recommended? Oz, NZ, Canada?

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  • all practices are struggling. funding should be avaiable to all practices rather then 10 million for practices who failed to organise their finances properly. who cares anb who listen to hat i have to say.?

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  • Knowledge is Porridge

    I have just watched his speech, and I urge you all do too.
    I agree GP is under a lot of strain, its now 10pm and my wife isn't home from a typical friday.
    Despite the madness, there is great opportunity at the moment for a bright future of GP in the NHS.
    The government realise that a big load more money cant do much on its own.
    Instead we DO need to reorganise and rethink with modern IT, the money will follow.

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  • good one Sam

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  • Sam , I was taken in with the 2010 DOH White paper rhetoric of 45% less management to provide better clinical care with less bureaucracy which preceded the introduction of CCGs which would do things smartly. So I joined/was elected to the CCG . Everyone had wonderful ideas but these were soon crushed by 1) the Health and Social Care Bill and 2) many DOH Bureaucratic agenda items such as eg "Authorization" which took up ALL our time. We were then encouraged to direct as much Secondary work as we could back to Primary Care. I then left the CCG when it was obvious that the Funding that might follow this redirection was never going to materialize. So I apologize to all of you out there. I'm very sorry.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Don't be so hard onself , mate.
    Dedicate this from a Chinese poet, Tao Yuanming(陶淵明):
    Learn from my past mistakes
    It is still time to change the direction before it is too late
    Actually , I have gone astray not so far
    I feel that I am making the right decision now as I made a wrong one in the past
    (extract from 'Go back to my old home' (歸去來辭)

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  • I have seen it all over 40 years' practice. It will not work.Demand has risen to unsustainable levels as a result of successive government sops and promises to an insatiable public.Rationed aailability is the only way to preserve accessibility to real emergency care. In case anyone is wondering all my junior hospital jobs were 1 in 2 rota and I did all my own weekend and night work until aged 45 when a coop settup allowed some rest. I am eternally greatful that my own children chose more sensible lifestyles.

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