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GPs go forth

Junior doctors' strike to go ahead next week after talks fail

Next week’s planned junior doctor strike action will go ahead after talks with the Government have failed to produce an agreement over the contract.

The BMA confirmed the strike today, but said that junior doctors would still provide emergency care on 10 February instead of the ‘all out’ action originally planned.

It comes as the 48-hour action planned for 26-28 January was called off in favour of further talks facilitated by Acas.

Junior doctors already walked out on 12 January, but still provided emergency care.

The BMA said in a statement: ’Despite the best efforts of our negotiating team, and hours of talks facilitated by Acas, we have not managed to reach agreement with NHS Employers and the Department of Health on the new junior doctors contract.

’As a result, the industrial action we planned for 10 February will be going ahead. However, rather than the planned full walkout, the action will mirror that of 12 January. Junior doctors in England will be offering emergency care only for 24 hours from 8am on Wednesday 10 February to 8am Thursday 11 February.’

Pulse has learnt from more than one source over the weekend that the Government walked out of talks ‘mid-conversation’, but this was denied by both the BMA and the DH.

The Department of Health said its position is that they want the BMA to return to the table for negotiations and call off the action.

A DH spokesperson said it was ’regrettable that the BMA is proceeding with further unnecessary industrial action’ and that the Government wants ’to settle this so that we can improve the standard of care for patients at weekends.’

On Friday, an Acas spokesperson said the two sides had adjourned negotiations and that the two parties were ’considering their positions’.

Readers' comments (35)

  • Well, at least one group of doctors has the balls to do whats in their interests and the interests of their patients.

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  • snore
    who cares
    idle threats made and action cancelled at the last minute
    the BMA couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery

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  • GPs will never unite like that. Unfortunately, many GPs do deserve to be punished for their arrogance and total disregard for their profession, patients and younger colleagues. Maybe Hunt is right?! Maybe the ONLY solution is to demolish the NHS in order to get rid of the "rot". Yes, I am talking about you cardigans.

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  • No surprise here.

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  • Yes by all means go ahead and strike .... since your career records have already shown a 'blacklisted' mark from the previous strike! Not that the BMA will back you up now, but do you have a back up, erm... cancelling at the last moment?

    Apart from pretending/protesting for the camera's and 'throwing your rattle out' , have you any insight into a Viable/Sustainable solution....Jeremy Hunt does for sure ! See you in Oz

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  • Bob Hodges

    'Black list' my arse.

    90% of UK specialties will soon have more vacancies than applicants. Certainly for consultant posts, and soon for training posts.

    They can't afford to blacklist anyone, because there's no one to do the work otherwise.

    Paying doctors might be more expensive than they like, but it's significantly cheaper than having no doctors.

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  • Pack your bags and leave uk- please do not forget to turn off the lights- saves money!!

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  • The Tories know that the NHS is failing because of lack of funding ( it's available if they got their corporate chums to pay their taxes properly ) and need someone to take the blame . Enter the JDs who have been skilfully goaded into striking and become the perfect scapegoat. Far better to allow a natural death and let those tory jeremies to take the rap. Please take it easy don't "bust a gut " and read the DNAR form.

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  • This is a set-up don't fall for it. If you're seen putting a shotgun to the head of a corpse you'll be done for murder.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Extraordinary sentiments......
    Separate one event from another .
    The fact that some are not happy with the outcomes from Saturday LMC conference should not interfere the spirit of supporting these youngsters standing up for themselves . They have well over 90% ballot mandates.
    The campaign is always meant to be long and should be sustained.....

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