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Identify these unusual dermatological problems

Are the following statements true or false? Click to the answers link below to find out.

Are the following statements true or false? Click to the answers link below to find out.

1 Dermatitis artefacta

a Is most common in young men

b Causes lesions that look bizarre or are strangely geometric

c Should be considered when a dramatic lesion appears almost overnight

d Is associated with a psychiatric illness in most cases

e Typically results in lesions only on areas accessible to the patient's hands

2 Scurvy

a Is caused by a severe lack of vitamin C, which impairs collagen formation

b Is most common in children under six months of age

c Causes a macrocytic anaemia in 75% of patients

d Ultimately leads to gum problems, haemorrhages and skin changes in the lower legs

e In its early stages may cause non-specific symptoms such as tiredness, myalgia and arthralgia

3 Trichotillomania

a Results in single or multiple irregular patches of hair loss

b Rarely may be complicated by trichobezoars

c The prognosis worsens the older the patient

d Can affect areas other than the scalp, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair

e Does not usually respond to CBT

4 Orf

a Is also known as ‘Milker's nodules'

b Causes a red to blue papule, usually on the fingers

c Usually resolves spontaneously in three months

d Is not associated with any systemic upset

e Can damage the foetus if it develops in pregnancy

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