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Jilted staff 'will use spine to murder former lovers'

'Goats' blood transforms MS'

The story

A drug made from goats' blood is transforming the lives of multiple sclerosis sufferers, the Daily Mail reports.

The source

Preliminary results from a trial of 11 patients carried out by University of Oxford researchers

found a two-week course of injections of a drug called Aimspro improved vision in MS patients with optic neuritis.There are no published results on the drug.

Expert view

Dr Nikos Evangelou, consultant neurologist at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, said: 'There are hundreds of trials going on but it's the medicine with the least evidence and probably the least scientific theory behind it. It's inappropriate of the company to promote miraculous patient stories without trial results.'

'Chocolate stops diabetes'

The story

Eating dark chocolate could prevent diabetes, claims the Daily Mail.

The source

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of 15 healthy adults found those given dark chocolate daily had reduced blood pressure and improved insulin sensitivity.

Expert view

Dr Ian Godsland, reader in human metabolism,

endocrinology and metabolic medicine at Imperial College London, said: 'These findings need to be confirmed in a large-scale clinical trial. As for recommending dark chocolate for the prevention or alleviation of diabetes, that will need much more evidence, including long-term follow-up.'

'Freezing cells fights cancer'

The story

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the battle against skin cancer by freezing cells in a permanent state of animation, according to the Daily Express.

The source

A study published in Cancer Research found that

a gene for a transcription factor called Tbx2 is overexpressed in melanoma cell lines. Deactivating

the gene induced cell senescence.

Expert view

Dr Gordon Peters, Cancer Research UK's head of molecular oncology, said: 'It has been recognised for some time that normal cells have built-in mechanisms to stop them growing out of control. For some time researchers have been attracted by the possibility of stopping cancer cell proliferation by reactivating senescence.'

'Pregnancy pain relieved'

The story

Acupuncture can relieve crippling pelvic pain in pregnant women, The Times claims.

The source

A study published online in the British Medical Journal randomised 386 women with pelvic pain to standard treatment and acupuncture, standard treatment and exercises, or a pelvic belt and home exercise programme. Acupuncture produced the greatest reduction in pain.

Expert view

Dr Graham Archard, vice-chair of the RCGP,

said: 'Most pain clinics have access to

acupuncturists but the evidence would

suggest the effects do not last that long.

Patients have to have very frequent visits to

keep the pain under control.'

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