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Medical school dean publicly bitch-slaps a GP

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A medical school dean has publicly bitch-slapped a GP, to the delight of passers-by. The tussle is believed to have occurred on Monday when the dean of the medical school spotted a GP coming out of his local take away.

‘I saw how it all started,’ said Steve, a sports jacket enthusiast. ‘I was standing at that corner over there when I heard the fracas.

‘The dean shouted an obscenity before doing what we’ve all done. He made an L sign with his fingers and shouted “Loser!” The GP took the bait and ran across the road and it wasn’t long before a small baying crowd had gathered around them.’

Niki, a mother of three who was part of the group, said: ´We stood round and chanted “fight, fight, fight, fight!”.

‘It was so wrong and yet so exhilarating at the same time. Even though the dean had the GP in a head-lock, the doctor kept saying “Yeah come on then, come on then, yeah”, when clearly he was using up precious oxygen.

We wondered how long someone can survive without any air? Turns out not long.’

‘It was the lamest fight I’ve ever seen’, continued Steve. ‘Fight Club it wasn’t. Imagine trying to throw a punch at a moving target with your weak arm. Now imagine that blindfolded.

‘At one point the dean called him a shit-haired wimp, which really got the crowd going, but the GP didn’t seem to know how to fight. Personally I would have gone for the dean’s eyes. He had two of them and they were quite close together.’

It is also reported that the doctor’s nipple was cruelly twisted.

The GP was left picking up his Chinese whilst the dean swaggered off down the road, flipping the V sign at passers-by.

´It was embarrassing, but necessary´, said Steve. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen

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Readers' comments (12)

  • very funny

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  • Excellent :-)

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  • Vinci Ho

    My amendment:
    .... Personally I would have gone for the dean's testicles.....

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  • crying with laughter....

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  • What

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  • I hope there is a typo in this blog - but fear there may not be.

    The expression you are straining for is 'Hitch-slapped' - after the immortal Christopher Hitchens. And Hitch-slapping is all done with words - with elegance of prose - no physical contact at all.

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  • Bitch slap is an urban term used to denote disrespect, nothing to do with christopher hitchens! The writer of the blog is just more street than you stephen!

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  • Bob Hodges

    Bitch-slap is indeed the correct vernacular.

    Kevin is undoubtedly like well street innit.

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  • Hilarious - well written!

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  • Christopher Hitchens, who I have no doubt, was a brilliant Man with a brilliant mind, still spouted a lot of looney lefty tree hugging nonsense and was one of the liberal elite who have, and continue, to damage this country beyond repair.

    I note that his brother, the equally brilliant minded, Peter never gets a mention on this forum!! But then again he is a little too conservative for the Mail Haters that regularly moan on this medium.

    Now there's some food for thought.

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