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New political reality means you'll be working harder and for longer

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So that’s it then, we’re screwed, it’s official. The UK has a jaundiced tub-thumping head and a flabby cyanosed body.

Despite all the polls and all the analysis, no-one else really stood a chance. Limping off stage is comedy Ed with his weak ankles, followed by Nick Clegg, the department store mannequin, and Farage, that Del boy man-of-the-people, who used to swagger with a fag in his mouth and a pint in his hand but who has now disappeared so far up UKIP’s rectum that he can see out of his own mouth.

On a positive note, there has been a big political clear out, a constipated stool has been squeezed out of the back side of Westminster, lubricated as ever, by the common voter.

We’re far from immune to it up here in Scotland. OK, we pump out a bit of oil, we make a few biscuits and we bang on about the winds of change sweeping through the Highlands, but London is where all the money’s made. Cutting ourselves off from that would be like deliberately trapping your own testicles in a cast iron prison door.

But I can guarantee you this: with the new political reality you’ll be working harder and for longer. Your children will say, ‘I miss you mummy, I wish you could spend more time with me, I wish you could kiss me goodnight’, or, ‘I miss you Daddy, you used to play football with me when it was still light, like a real person’. But you’re not a real person anymore.

And as the full-blooded Scottish Lion roars into the wind and as the economy blooms like a delicate flower, you’ll be left softly crying yourself to sleep.

Now hang on a sec, where on earth did I put those visa forms?

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.

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Readers' comments (9)

  • New political reality means you'll be working harder and for longer ...

    you forgot to add ... 'and for less, and for more risk'

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  • Only if we wish to. Only if the BMA /GPC so allows. Because we can resign from this mess, do locums or whatever. It is still a free country, last time I looked at clear blue water. We can leave, for sure. And no one need join, there are locums a plenty.
    Ultimately, the market will decide. If we run up mountains of debt to be a doctor and no money materialises then shortly, all will be gone.
    For certain.

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  • In a 'some men want to watch the world burn' kinda way, I really hope the whole thing falls apart, and soon. Because maybe only then will the reins be taken away from the meddling Government and given back to us, and we can start fixing this mess and start bringing people back into the profession.

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  • Assuming everyone resigned and gave up partnerships, that would surely bring rates down - drastically. Demand Supply. As I understand, the policy seems to be:
    1. All salaried --> they rejig contracts, BMA contract no longer valid, 24 Hr shift patterns, low wage etc etc
    2. All Locums --> rates fall, no sick pay, no continuity, no stability etc etc
    3. All Partners --> Sorry, slipped into dreamland there.

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  • I think you are missing a massive point here (sorry but it reminds me of the stance of the Scargillites c.1984 Miners Strike). Those taking the ling view of public health provision realise that the work of GPs can be done vastly more cheaply abd figures fudged as effectively by the phalanx of non-GP health workers in the wings. This Government has a huge runup and now mandate to sort this out.

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  • The policy is quite clear.
    Run partnerships into the ground so they are not financially viable.
    Offer GPs good terms to join Virgin or Care UK.
    Bingo, full salaried service.....

    I received this email on Friday......

    Hope this finds you well.

    You probably get a lot of inmails through LinkedIn however if you are considering a career move this could be worth a few minutes of your time.

    We are currently recruiting for a variety of new GP roles here at Virgin Care. It would be great to speak to you about your role with the NHS and your future career plans to see whether a role at Virgin Care is something you would consider.

    We can offer full or part time hours with a competitive package of £100,000+ per annum (pro rata where necessary), with NHS or corporate pension and defence society membership.

    If you are interested please email me back your number with a convenient time to talk and I will contact you.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Anonymous | 16 May 2015 6:01pm

    "I really hope the whole thing falls apart, and soon."

    I know where you're coming from but when (and if) the whole thing falls apart soon it will only be the GP's who will get the blame!! Be careful what you wish for.

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  • I like the idea of working for Virgin Care . As there as so few virgins to care for it should be a doddle.

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  • Virgin Care ! Talk about cherry picking !

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