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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

#IamHadiza: GPs share stories of when it could have been them

’A sodium chloride drip would probably have saved him’

'A sodium chloride drip would probably have saved him’ 


'A colleague told me they happened to have checked a patient’s notes for something and they realised I had forgotten to send a 2 week wait urgent cancer referral form’ 


'I inexplicably sent him to a medical rather than a surgical ward where he almost exsanguinated… he survived, no thanks to me’ 


'I will never forget the scream from his daughter as he arrested in front of her in a cubicle' 


'I agreed it was a viral rash. The patient was later admitted with meningococcal septicaemia' 


'I diagnosed probable chest infection. Later that evening he was admitted with heart failure due to a myocardial infarction' 


'The list was unrelenting. And I overdosed a baby with antibiotics' 


'A baby on special care did not have blood results monitored properly and when eventually checked the bilirubin level was found to be extremely high' 


'A series of clinical errors involving several clinicians, together with the pressure of inadequate staffing levels leading to rushed care, had resulted in an avoidable death. It haunts me to this day' 


'A&E wanted the drunk patient out. After sobering up in the morning, the patient still had focal neurology. An MRI scan revealed a spinal cord lesion' 


'I was suturing up an episiotomy only having seen one done before. The stitches fell apart the next day'


'She had had serious type 1 reactions before and this incorrect information could have led to her death' 


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Readers' comments (25)

  • audios are very good . I am sure every one has regretted at least one decision which went wrong. me included

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  • We are all propping up a failing system which when it lets us down the establishment will lynch anyone of us like they did to this unfortunate Paediatric Reg.There but for the grace of God go I.Stop reflecting, non co-operation all the way.

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  • Let the person who has never erred come forward please. Victimising a colleague for a serious error but letting system-wide problems unpunished is wrong, no matter what the law of the land says. The GMC needs to have a good look at themselves and decide whom do they serve: justice or political puppet masters.

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  • Vinci Ho

    I have no doubts GMC had no idea , whatsoever, how we would have reacted when it decided to challenge MPTS original decision in order to strike our colleague, Dr. Bawa-Garba, off the list .
    The reaction is so strong as it simply follows the rule of action and reaction in Issac Newton’s laws of physics .
    Thanks to everybody willing to take one small step building up to a hugh , resounding response.

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  • #me too

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  • I am so embarrassed by my stupid mistakes

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  • Just Your Average Joe

    Vote no confidence in GMC management - resignations for all involved in challenging the MPTS decision.

    They have brought the medical profession into chaos and disrepute.

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  • The defence organisations and BMA have the power to advise junior doctors to refuse to work shifts if they turn up and the rota is understaffed or if inadequate senior cover is present AND THAT If the doctor chooses to work in this situation ( for the sake of their patients )they must have a signed waiver by Mr Hunt, the chief executive of the hospital and the GMC that they will not be held criminally responsible for any errors or omissions which occur on that shift BEFORE UNDERTAKING ANY PATIENT CARE . In addition all patients and/or their families should be informed ,in writing ,that this is the situation for their shift and given the phone number of the chief executive of the hospital should they be unhappy with the risks being taken . Junior doctors committee should start a petition to parliament to debate this .

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  • Just stop paying GMC wages ( fees)

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  • NHS is failing. The doctors are made the scapegoats.
    You have to speak to patients or their families - why they did not receive the best treatment they are entitled to as they are paying their National Insurance.

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  • These are important lessons to be shared as learning. Anonymously of course. Perhaps PULSE will help to campaign to change Appraisals to a learning format for all doctors. Appraisals in current form is a wastage of scare NHS resources, takes time away from patient care. How much do Appraisals cost the NHS?

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  • I think we have all [ myself included ] been mistaken by the white noise of systemic failures.
    Actually, DR BG did nothing wrong in her timeline.
    It was perfect treatment.
    She diagnosed Dehydration due to V+D, causing AKI in a child with cardiac dysfunction on an ACEI, which drug seriously messes up the blood tests.She gave fluids and O2.
    A PERFECT diagnosis in the situation. V+D is 1000sX more common due to a bowel infection than Sepsis.
    When she saw the XR she gave antibiotics. Jack got better. What did she do that was so wrong ? What medical mistake did she make in spite of all the systemic failings ?
    Admittedly, she could have seen the XR sooner. But she was elsewhere dealing with many other sick children without a break. She would have to be in 2 or 3 places at the same time. But that is what the NHS expects of you when you go to work, to cover 3/4/5 other doctors and be in several places at the same time.
    That is what the Medical experts [ our so called colleagues] expect as well to bi/trilocate. We are now considered ' terribly bad' doctors if we are just human and can only be at one place at one given time.

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  • would the GMC not be interested in these cases and demand identity of those who have shared to prosecute or do they only choose certain cases they see fit?

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  • medicine tastes awful

    This Justice for Hadiza campaign is also Justice for all Doctors working in this very toxic NHS.

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  • I had been, until 2016, a GMC case examiner and supervisor for 25 years, becoming that at their invitation. That January I went to a mandatory training day run by 3 non clinicians. The first question was 'how has the GMC changed in the past 5 years?' and the majority response was that it had become more punitive. We were told 'we work for patients; yes, we work with doctors but we work for patients' On being questioned about long waits, breakdowns and suicides the response was reiterated. I sent in my resignation; no response or thanks, just a letter 6 weeks later terminating my current supervision case.

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  • I also saw a feverish child with diarrhoea and started fluids. I checked with the consultant about starting antibiotics but they said no- I had documented an otherwise normal examination. The next day he had a CXR and was shown to have a white-out, his diarrhoea was parenteral.Luckily he recovered fully with antibiotics.

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  • Why would anyone be so stupid as to open themselves up to litigation with these posts.
    Because they were submitted electronically they can easily be traced and a High Court could demand this indormation.

    This is an important matter of course but I despair at the naivity of my colleagues and warned Pulse not to do this.

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  • Please could some one explain to me what Dr BG did wrong and when ? What other treatment ? Vasopressors ? Steroids ? What point in time bearing in mind Jack was laughing at 1145 and bouncing at 1630.
    What was " Proper treatment " ? What should have the Consultant have done at 1630.
    I am genuinely lost in this case. What did Dr BG fail to do that was ' truly terrible'
    What exactly is ' I am Hadiza ' ?

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  • @BarristerDoctor
    I am 100% behind these Drs. I have made mistakes myself. To err is human.
    If the GMC is going to go after these Drs then metaphorically they will get the good stiff kicking that they deserve.

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  • I want to know what further actions the PSA will take with the GMC. Their job is to regulate the regulators and on this occasion the GMC's performance has been found to be sub-standard. Nigel at Pulse - please chase this angle for us with vigour and determination, will you?
    I'm very worried about our barrister/doctor colleague's posting - does that mean that any progression to an airline pilot type of process re near-misses is unfeasible?

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