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GP contract 2019/20

GP Contract 2019/20

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CCG's plans for PCN deputy clinical directors set to exacerbate workloadSubscription

04 Jul 2019 By Lea Legraien

The new primary care network (PCN) deputy clinical director positions could take more clinicians out of sessions, GPs have warned.

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Networks were 'rushed' and introduced at 'difficult time', says think-tank Subscription

03 Jul 2019 By Lea Legraien

Primary care networks (PCNs) have been introduced at a 'very difficult time' for general practice, and as a result may not succeed, a think-tank has said.

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NHS England: PCNs must succeed or face 'being salaried to other NHS providers'Subscription

01 Jul 2019 By Lea Legraien

NHS England has said the networks that come into being today will have to succeed in convincing a new generation of GPs to go into partnerships or face becoming 'salaried to other NHS providers'.

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BMA leaders reject proposal to put GP contract out to ballot of professionSubscription

26 Jun 2019 By Lea Legraien

Doctor's leaders have voted against the immediate withdrawal and a subsequent ballot of the new five-year contract

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CCG challenges Babylon's application to be primary care networkSubscription

22 May 2019 By Anviksha Patel

NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG is unable to decide whether to approve Babylon GP at Hand’s primary care network until it seeks ‘additional assurances’.

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BMA's legal service charging members £5,000 for network adviceSubscription

20 May 2019 By Anviksha Patel

The BMA’s legal service is offering packages for primary care networks seeking legal advice at a cost of £5,000 for the larger networks.

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GP at Hand set to apply to be single network in 'destabilising' moveSubscription

01 May 2019 By Anviksha Patel

Babylon GP at Hand is in the process of registering as its own primary care network, Pulse has learned. 

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30,000-patient networks set to receive £1 per head more than larger networksSubscription

15 Mar 2019 By Anviksha Patel

Primary care networks with a population size of 30,000 are set to receive £1 per patient more than 50,000-patient networks in 2019/20, according to new guidance from the BMA.

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Primary care networks will not have to be led by GPs, says NHS EnglandSubscription

13 Mar 2019 By Lea Legraien

Primary care networks will not have to be led by a GP, with 'any clinician' in general practice able to take charge, NHS England has said.

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Dr Nikita Kanani: ‘This contract provides the beginning of a response’Subscription

01 Mar 2019

Dr Nikita Kanani tells Jaimie Kaffash the new contract is the first step in tackling the crisis in general practice

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Will networks save general practice?Subscription

01 Mar 2019

Practices across the UK are having to form collectives, but will they prove beneficial for GPs and patients, asks Léa Legraien 

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GPs will not have to pay for rising employer pension contributionsSubscription

31 Jan 2019 By Lea Legraien

GP partners will not have to bear any extra costs associated with the increase in the employer pension contributions, NHS England has said.

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Practices given £2 per patient to join networks under new DESSubscription

31 Jan 2019 By

The new primary care networks will be set up using £1.8bn of Government funding, NHS England has announced.

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GPs on more than £150k a year to be namedSubscription

31 Jan 2019 By

GPs will be prevented from drawing ‘unexpectedly high’ salaries under new measures in the new GP contract, NHS England has announced.