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What cash can I apply for?

General practice resilience programme

What is it? Fund to support struggling practices.

How much? £40m in total. £16m for 2016/17, then £8m per year over the next four years

How can I apply? Local teams will identify practices, but you can also self-refer to the fund. Speak to your LMC or CCG who will know the application process in your area.

Read Pulse's full guide to the General Practice Resilience Programme Read NHS England's guide here

Estates and Technology Transformation Fund

What is it? Money to improve practices premises and IT infrastructure

How much? £900m until 2020/21

How can I apply? Must be agreed with CCGs in line with NHS England’s plans for practices to provide secondary care services. Funding for this year has already been announced but there might be future opportunities

Read NHS England guidance here

Releasing time for care

What is it? This is part of the general practice development programme. It is CCG-led support (courses and national expertise) for groups of practices to implement innovations to save GP time

How much? £30m

How can I apply? Talk to your CCG as it will involve many practices. Expressions of interest can be submitted until August 2018

Read NHS England's information on the general practice development programme

Indemnity scheme

What is it? Scheme to ‘tackle the rising costs of indemnity’

How much? £60m (£30m each year over the next two years)

How can I apply? The scheme will launch in April 2017 to reimburse practices for this year’s average increase in indemnity costs. Payments will be made direct to practices, based on their unweighted list size and not on the individual practice’s indemnity costs.

'Practices to be given indemnity funding directly to pass on "appropriately"'

Funding for new models of care

What is it? Groups of practices signing up to a new model of care, eg an MCP contract

How much? Unknown, but funding will be from 2017/18

How can I apply? NHS England and NHS Improvement will analyse bids

Read NHS England's MCP contract framework here

E-consultation support

What is it? Support to stimulate uptake of online consultations

How much? £45 million over three years from 2017/18 (£15m year 1, £20 million year 2, £10 million year 3)

How can I apply? Funding will be allocated to CCGs to disseminate in the most appropriate way

More information from the BMA

Seven-day services

What is it? Fund to enable CCGs to commission extra capacity, including evening and weekend appointments tailored to local needs

How much? £138m is available in 2017/18, rising to £500m by 2020/21. The £258m in 2018/19 will be £3.34 per head of population for CCGs

How can I apply? CCG will commission, initially targeted at 2015/16 pilot sites, with £6 per weighted patient on offer at these sites from 2017/18

More information from the BMA

Practice transformational support

What is it? Fund to support CCGs to enable practices to upscale and implement measures tested by PM’s Challenge Fund

How much? £171m

How can I apply? CCGs will be developing plans for 2017/18. Discuss this with your CCG

What support can I get for my staff?

Retainer scheme

What is it? Fund to incentivise GPs to continue working part time

How much? The retained GP can claim a bursary of up to £4,000 and the practice can claim £76.92 per session the GP works

How can I apply? Apply through your local GP dean. This is available until March 2017. The GP career plus scheme might also be suitable, but is currently only a pilot.

Read Pulse's full guide on the retained GP scheme Read NHS England's guidance on the GP Career Plus scheme

NHS GP mental health service

What is it? National burnout support for GPs

How much? £19.5 million

How can I apply? GPs can access it via a confidential national self-referral phone line, website and app

'GPs to access mental health support from January' Read more here

In-practice pharmacists

What is it? Fund to introduce in-practice pharmacists for every 30,000 population

How much? £112m over five years, added to £32m already allocated

How can I apply? You can bid from 9 January with applications reviewed on a rolling basis. You have to show you are working at scale across a population of at least 30,000

Read in full Read NHS England's guidance and see the application form here

Training for clerical staff

What is it? Fund to train non-clinical staff to help ‘navigation of patients’ and handle clinical paperwork

How much? £45m - £5 million in 2016/17, and £10 million in the next four years.

How can I apply? Funding allocated to CCGs on per-head-of-population basis

Read more information from NHS England here

Practice manager development

What is it? Fund for ‘practice manager development’ to 'support networking between managers at a local and national level, to share successful ways of managing workload and provide peer-to-peer encouragement and support.'

How much? £6m until 2020

How can I apply? NHS England has run some regional networking workshops, but no further information

Read NHS England's information here

Nurse training capacity

What is it? Support for nurses to return to work, improving training capacity within general practice and other measures

How much? £15m until 2020

How can I apply? No information yet

General Practice Improvement Leader Programme

What is it? 300 free places for the next three years to train individuals in leadership.

How much? £15m until 2020

How can I apply? January 2017 places in London and Birmingham cohorts are fully booked, but you can apply for other places in April 2017 cohorts now through the NHS England website

Read NHS England's guidance and apply here

Mental health therapists

What is it? Supposedly funding for 3,000 mental health workers in general practice

How much? Unspecified

How can I apply? This is going to be done through IAPT. It's a CCG-commissioned service and will vary by area – though many mental health therapists will be based in GP practices, not all will be. Talk to your CCG about their application.

Read more from NHS England

Overseas recruitment

The NHS will be recruiting 500 GPs from overseas

Read in full

What other changes are there?

Secondary care workload dump

The 2016/17 NHS Standard Contract for hospitals has six new requirements. These include a ban on blanket policies for discharging patients back to their GP if they fail to attend, hospitals must electronically send discharge summaries to a patient’s GP within 24 hours, secondary care doctors can refer within the same organisation, a requirement for hospital staff to supply patients with medication for at least a week and hospitals must notify patients of results.

Read in full

CQC inspections

Practices that have already been rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ after their CQC inspections will not need to be inspected for a maximum of five years

'These proposals will reduce workload'

GP pay

Practice funding has already increased by 3.3% this year, which is supposed to equate to a 1% pay rise and cover the increase in CQC fees among other expenses.
The Forward View does not include any further increase in core funding this year but NHS England will consult on a new funding formula to replace Carr Hill that will better reflect deprivation and rurality

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