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#GPnews: Newspaper warns of GP opening 'postcode lottery'

13:55 Scientists have found a 'cure' for smelly armpits, reports the Times.

Treating a smelly identical twin, the scientists were able to replace foul-smelling bacteria of the one brother with sweeter-smelling bacteria from the other. More than a year later, both twins still smell nice, according to the article.

Chris Callewaert, from the University of California, San Diego, says he has been able to replicate the effects in 16 out of 18 people that he has experimented with.

11:30 Over two thirds of people with asthma say their condition has directly affected their sex life.

Almost three quarters of respondents to the Asthma and Your Love Life survey admitted they felt embarrassed to use their inhaler on a romantic night out.

Nearly half said they would be more confident in bed if they didn't have asthma and just under 15% even claimed asthma had contributed to a relationship ending.

Comments from the 544 respondents to the survey, carried out by Asthma UK, included:

  • 'I was dumped in an ambulance once, mid asthma attack, because my boyfriend said I was causing him stress and he couldn't cope. I ended up going to the hospital alone.'
  • 'I stopped having sex with my ex as I was embarrassed about having an asthma attack. It knocked my confidence and self-esteem so much that our relationship eventually broke down.'
  • 'I’ve had to use my reliever inhaler during sex, and sometimes I’ve had to stop having sex altogether because my asthma got so bad. I now avoid having sex completely.'
  • 'I’ve ended up in hospital because an orgasm set off my asthma.'
  • 'Sometimes it's very difficult to breathe whilst down there (giving oral sex).'

Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK’s in-house GP, said: 'People with asthma should be able to enjoy a healthy love life without their condition getting in the way. However, our survey shows that many people are struggling with asthma symptoms. If you find that sex triggers your asthma, this may indicate that your asthma is not under control and you should seek help from your GP or asthma nurse.

'You can reduce your risk of an asthma attack and ensure your asthma is well-managed by making sure you have a regular asthma review with your GP or asthma nurse, a written asthma action plan and an inhaler check.'

9:55 The Telegraph has mapped GP opening hours across the UK in an investigative piece published over the weekend.

It claims that half of GP practices are open fewer than eight hours a day. It said it was a postcode lottery, with practices in Swale in Kent singled out for having the shortest opening hours on average.

Commenting in the article, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said practices would need to open longer to receive promised funding increases.

He said: ‘GPs work very hard but if we are going to reduce pressure on hospitals their services need to be accessible. Most deliver just that, not just in working hours but with evening and weekend appointments that are now offered to 17 million people. 

‘But those surgeries that do not even stay open all day need to remember there is a severe impact on the rest of the NHS which expects greater accessibility of services in return for the 14% increase in funding we have promised GPs this parliament.’

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey said: ‘What these figures don't show is how much better the short term investment could have been used to deal with the day-to-day workload pressures facing GP practices and out of hours organisations.’

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Is the Telegraph only counting the advertised surgery times and ignoring that surgeries overrun, home visits, admin, ccg meetings etc,if so is this FAKE news

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  • @private
    I've just had a look- its basically only counting the face to face time available each day- not actual opening hours or the many other duties of work that go besides.
    At best it is no news. At worst it is fake news dressed up for a better class of fascist.

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