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Over 300 GPs urge police to investigate Dominic Cummings

A GP pressure group has written to the chief constable of Durham police urging investigation into Dominic Cummings' potential coronavirus lockdown breach.

A letter signed by 300 GP members of the group said its 'committee and members are writing to you this open letter as general practitioners to formally request investigation of Mr Dominic Cummings, special advisor to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to determine if he has committed an offence under Section 15 of the 2020 Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations'.

It also raises questions about whether Mr Cummings broke the law in driving his child 60 miles to 'test his eyesight'.

It comes after Mr Cummings made a press statement about the controversy from the garden of 10 Downing Street last night, during which he said he did not regret his decision to travel 260 miles from London to his parents' home in Durham when his wife and himself began displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

A joint investigation by the Mirror and the Guardian,  published on 22 May, had said police had investigated Mr Cummings for breaking lockdown rules on which he himself had acted as a senior adviser. More allegations emerged over the weekend, with the revelation that Mr Cummings also drove to a local beauty spot while the family was in Durham.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and members of his cabinet including health secretary Matt Hancock, have defended Mr Cummings, with Mr Johnson declaring on Sunday that his adviser had acted legally and with integrity.

But, in a letter to chief constable Jo Farrell, GP Survival asked Durham police to investigate:

  • 'If the initial journey he and his family made on or around 28th March 2020 to stay at his parents’ property in Durham was an offence.'
  • 'When Mr Cummings travelled while staying at this property to Barnard Castle on or around 12th April 2020, if this was an offence; we are also concerned he chose to drive a motor vehicle to "test his eyesight" while carrying a child passenger for 60 miles and the risk this posed to other members of the public.'
  • 'If there is any other evidence of Mr Cummings leaving the Durham property during this period in contravention of the regulations.'
  • 'If there is evidence that after returning to London in mid-April 2020, Mr Cummings has made further return journeys to Durham or its surroundings and if this was an offence.'

The letter added: ‘GPs have been amongst the many front-line NHS workers in helping to contain and manage the Covid-19 pandemic, and have advised many patients and their families over this period of the need to remain locked down at home, not to travel from home unless an emergency, to self-isolate for up to 14 days if symptomatic, and to remain at their primary residence.

‘We are concerned that these allegations against Mr Cummings, unless resolved, will serve to undermine the public health interventions required to prevent further unnecessary deaths.

‘We feel that due to the potential risk of these unresolved allegations undermining public confidence in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is in the public interest to examine, using what evidence is available to you including ANPR CCTV and other methods to resolve this issue and be able to provide a clear statement to the public if offences had been committed.’

The news comes as this morning, a Cabinet minister resigned in protest at the handling of the situation. Under secretary of state for Scotland Douglas Ross said he could not defend the Government's position to to his constituents.

In a backbench rebellion, another 20 Conservative MPs have also expressed their views that Mr Cummings should be sacked, while Labour leader Keir Starmer said Mr Johnson was 'treating the British public with contempt' in deciding to continue to back his aide. 

Similarly, YouGov polls conducted over the weekend conclude that the majority of the public both feel Cummings’ actions were wrong, and that he should resign.

But he stated in yesterday’s live conference - the first time an unelected adviser has delivered one - that he had not considered resigning, and instead referenced ‘exceptional circumstances’ concerning the care of his child.

Previously, Scottish chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood, and SAGE scientist Professor Neil Ferguson resigned from their roles after being found to have breached the lockdown rules.

Readers' comments (57)

  • Dear 300 GPs, Please focus on your day job.

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  • How, if as reported in the Daily Torygraph, it is true that the snitcher who dobbed him in having 'checked his numberplate' did he get the owner's ID from the DVLA?

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  • I’m sorry but I think this is a bit over the top. I’m not a fan of DC and I am afraid that all this attention feels rather like a witch hunt. If only the media had been so doggedly determined to forensically analyse the failures of actual govt policies of herd immunity, PPE, care homes etc as they have been with the DC case, maybe we would not have the second highest death toll in the world?!

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  • Another 300 drawn into social media whirlpool.
    Does it really help?

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  • I objected to this letter when it was proposed and was accused of being a Tory troll and threatening with banning from the group. So it is written by those who do not tolerate an alternative view of events

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  • I suspect the chief has done little else but think about Mr Cummings for the past few weeks,and made a value judgement,between keeping his head down, and suicide.
    Listening to the press conference yesterday,clearly the hidden agenda,or message is the extraordinary extent which Dominic Cummings manages,controls and runs Boris.Why are we also paying for a cabinet and civil service ?
    It was always peculiar that D Raab was so cool when Boris was on CCU,who was running the country,well now we know.
    As Boris points out the public have been confused by the endless repetitive" STAY AT HOME" message, from Hancock, and the holy trinity of medical experts.
    Note none of the experts acknowledge this failure, or has offered resignation.
    The question is now.Will Cummings sack Hancock, for so misleading the public.
    You cannot have it both ways,either Cummings, or Hancock is right.
    One must go
    GP survival need to be realistic,go for Hancock,Cummings is untouchable,as he explained yesterday,he is the government.

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  • Sad to note the right wing doctors trying to justify the actions of a policy maker to break own rules. The 300 GP’s have demonstrated their duty to represent public opinion as guardians of the Primary Care.
    Majority of people would feel grateful to the GP’s for this action.

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  • Breaking the law is routine in Downing street as his boss BJ did and would do, so did Dominic C.
    Nothing will happen. We will see ):

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  • 300 GPs should have asked for PPE!!

    Get back to your day jobs!!

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  • I really worry what Dom will do when his looks have gone.

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