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Pulse launches major project to get GP trainee views

Pulse has launched its first ever survey solely for trainees in a bid to gauge the career intentions of the next generation of GPs.

The survey has been designed by an editorial board of trainees, which has been convened ahead of a special issue for trainees. 

One trainee will receive a prize of a year’s supply of pizza from their favourite restaurant, to share with friends and colleagues.

The NHS does not collect data on how many trainees end up working in general practice following qualification, and Pulse’s survey is intended to provide some clarity on the future workforce.

Trainees can take the survey here.

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  • Something isn't right with these figures, presumably its 5.4 billion for 300,000 patients, which adds up to around £2000 per patient per year, which is current spending. Let's hope its linked to inflation otherwise they're doomed!

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  • I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole. It all goes t*ts up and you're on your own. Don't expect the CCG to come and rescue you...

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  • Its people like you who put all new graduates off general practice. You can't see solutions or opportunities if it hits you in the face. Youre negative, cynical and extremely antagonistic. You probably choose into the wrong career hence the miserablity !! It might actually surprise you that there is lot of doctors who enjoy medicine, enjoy looking after their patients from cradle to grave, welcome the satisfying yet challenging environment and that being a doctor and a GP isn't a 9-5 job but a vocation.

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  • Risky and enslaving as a commitment especially working with trusts or private corporates.

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  • Feel suicidal and itching to bury yourself into another stinking shitsand, go for it. Obamacare is dead, Cameroncare never got off the ground but May do so if the Hunt for naïve volunteers is successful. Only staying afloat will be a problem as the Cameron himself did not survive his own folly and arrogance.

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  • There are risks and opportunities with any change. GPs can work with other providers and commissioners to decide their future - including a good work life balance. However they need to be pro-active and have a seat at the negotiating table otherwise yes anyone and everyone will try to sort out your problems.

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  • It's voluntary when you contract but when rigor mortis sets in, believe me, it's going to be only involuntary jerks till the proteins begin to denaturate. Once you are in you can't volunteer out of the MCP though some might try to convince you otherwise.So it worthwhile? Are you, who has been at the negotiating table for years, ever going to be heeded? No pep talk, time for an open mind.

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  • Might be interesting to look at those within their first 5 yrs of qualification to see how it panned out for them.... intention and actuality can be quite different

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  • A medical student at our practice told us that 1 out of 120 students intended to go into General Practice . They intended to do it in the army.

    So medical students would rather do a tour of Afghanistan than UK primary care .

    How can we make GP more attractive than Helmand province?

    Still having done the grind for 11 years I can
    understand the attractions of Jalallabad . ( in 1842 )

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  • Sam Izdat @ 9.32am.

    "Sucking dust in Helmand,
    Dug in to Lashkar Gar
    Where the local weed and opium
    Beat any British bar......"

    Something to mull over.

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