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Independents' Day

Submit your questions for Dr Charles Alessi

We will be hosting an online Q&A with NAPC chair Dr Charles Alessi today and would like you to submit your questions.

The hour long chat will take place from 2pm with Dr Alessi, who is interim chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and lead for preventable dementia in Public Health England.

You will be able to put your questions to him about how CCGs are working, the impact of the NHS reforms and any other issues.

To make sure you get to pose your question to Dr Alessi then leave them in the comments below, tweet them to @pulsetoday - and don’t forget to use the hash tag #AskAlessi - or send them to us at


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Readers' comments (9)

  • Just to say hello - long time passing since surgical Housejobs in Kingston!

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  • Took Early Retirement

    Well, I've just left NHS GP work at the age of 57. I got fed up with multiple, moving targets, cynically put there, in my view to reduce income, Plus all the denigration of GPs in the Tory Press. (You don't get it in the Guardian and Independent.)

    As to CCGs, well, I really didn't notice any change from PCTs except new figureheads. It really seems to be a re-arrangement, with NHS England now stopping any attempts an innovation that might just possibly move money, along with work, from Sec Care to Primary Care.

    So, now that we see the first signs of a REAL shortage of GPs developing, what do you feel about it? It is real, or is it, just as senior DoH officials seems to state publicly, just GPs "talking up" a crisis?

    Given that there are currently unfilled GP training posts and that it takes 10 years minimum to train a GP from the day they walk into Medical School, I personally don't see a solution anytime soon.

    Do you get any feeling from the DoH that what the government really want to do is get rid of General Practice in its entirely and replace it with something cheaper, like nurses with computers, as in failed systems like WiC's and NHS 111?

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  • Hi
    I would like NICE to stop all generics. They are useless.
    I have osteoporosis, on residronate. I can not tolerate the ones in the UK. I purchase mine from Belgium and have no side effects.

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  • I would like to ask about co-commissioning.
    1. Is it inevitable as many of my CCG colleagues seems resigned to this outcome?
    2. How do you think the relationship may change between the CCG and member practices if they are also responsible for some of the "policing" in primary care?
    3. Is there not a massive probity issue here? Examples being a CCG board member with an exceptionally large number of elderly patients in their practice, having more incentives for elderly care rather than deprivations etc. The list is endless
    4. How is all this extra work going to be done at CCG level without any extra resources?
    5. Isn't this just a mechanism to blame the CCGs (in other words GPs) when it all goes pear shaped, which it certainly will with this level of chronic underfunding?
    6. If all our contracts are going to be locally negotiated, is there no such thing as a NATIONAL health service any more?

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  • 1. Is it now time to scrap the 2ww system but open up immediate GP/patient access to the appropriate investigations ie USS CT MRI etc?

    2. If CCGs decommission QOF is there not a real risk of further fragmentation if practices decline to sign up to the CCG alternatives?

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  • Just one question.

    Is it appropriate for the NAPC to claim to represent the profession - even meeting with the Prime Minister as a representative of General Practice - given that unlike other professional bodies they have no legal or democratic mandate to do so.

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  • GPs are already working to full capacity. Could Dr Alessi advise us how to cope with the additional workload of :
    1. Diverting patients to our surgeries from A&Es, Walking-in and Urgent Care centres.
    2. Obliging with NICE guidelines, NHSE guidelines, Joint British Societies guidelines and all the others incorporated into QOF, LES etc.
    3. Health checks
    4. Open all hours
    5. Recruitment crisis
    That's enough (ed)

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  • How can CCG's justify keeping £2.50 of the over 75's £5.00 and being obstructive about how to obtain the initial £2.50?
    How can GP surgeries appeal against this? My LMC has been completely ignored by our CCG.

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  • Co-commissioning is surely not about shifting blame but delegating responsibility to CCGs. Are you for or against it?
    Related question, can it work if area teams are calling the shots - who will really be in charge? And who should be (if different)?
    Finally, isn't this just a pragmatic move to weld a broken commissioning system back together?

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