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The most-read news stories of 2016

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  • Vinci Ho

    2016 is like under the magic of a black hole
    Einstein's general relativity is like this : any matter with energy and mass causes distortion or specifically curving(warping) of space-time. This is gravity as we have known.
    Anything with very intense gravity will hence cause a compression of space-time within its gravitational field. A black hole(or singularity)typically has infinite gravity. Hence , anywhere near to it can see time lapsing in a different scales i.e. one minute gone there is equating to years past in our world/reality.(Recommend Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed film ; Interstellar).
    But something like that actually happens regularly in our human history . At certain critical point of time in our history , a vortex is often created by the sudden and unprecedented acceleration of the wheel of times changing the course completely . 2016 is one of this kind. Like many writers on social media , I would like to see the back of 2016 asap.
    As it is well accepted amongst physicists , quantum mechanics ,characterised by theories like Heisenberg 's uncertainty principle (if you know the position of a particle , you do not know its momentum and the reverse is also true) , does not agree with theory of relativity and gravity. The so called Standard Model cannot explain everything need and we need a 'New Model'. To me, Brexit serves well for the spirit of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle . NHS/general practice is however , like a particle undergoing a radioactive decay with evidently short half life. If we do not have a 'new model' of politics , the outcomes are clearly very grim. Personally, I am not bothered about what Donald Trump is going to do but his triumph had clearly added more intensity to this gravitational field of 2016.
    Binge watching Postcard from the edge , When Harry met Sally , Singing in the rain(my wife is a big fan) and of course, the original Star Wars trilogy. Still cannot quite get over the passing of Princess Leia and her mother!The last scene of Rogue One : A Star Wars Story of a CGI created young Princess Leia has now become an effigy.
    What had represented the 'fun' of our earlier years seemed to perish rapidly in this short time of 12 months: Bowie , Prince , George Michael , Victoria Wood, Ali and Carrie Fisher etc.
    One can say all these things are just consequences of the story of human beings, no big deal . I would say sh*t happens every day but all sh*t happened in 2016. One may also say these are wishes of God and there are meanings behind , I shall not disagree as we really do not have answers for many things in life. After all , Higg's Boson was nicknamed 'God's particle' before it was proven to exist in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)in 2012.
    If A New Hope is really to exist , all our leaders need to stop lying to themselves and people , contrive with visions to tackle our domestic affairs as priorities and face the reality with some audacity . Setting the realistic terms and conditions for Brexit is a starting point(and you already know what I said about including NHS in these), as we move away from the black hole of 2016.
    Happy new year , to everyone.

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