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Don't expect help - we need to tackle the recruitment crisis ourselves


(1) It is a fine line between politically correct diplomacy and dangerously flawed hypocrisy . I do not have any problem for anybody to play peacemaker in any battle but one has to be very careful what one wishes . Once again , are we trying to provide patching for the consequences or are we dealing with the origin. What is the origin of this mess ? Deep down , I am sure we all know the answer. (2) Some disrespectful person told me once that people like Dr Arnold Elliot and William Beveridge were well dead and things like NHS with GPs guarding the gate should not exist anymore . Yes , while I agree that ways of delivery need modifications , old principles are 'die hard' , ladies and gentlemen . NHS was founded on principles of social justice and its flag cannot come down . (3) Majority of our patients really appreciate what we have been doing to them throughout the years . This is particularly so with GPs simply because of continuity and an established long term relationship. But patients , people of the country , are misguided and miseducated by these politicians and their propaganda media . This is the modern version of 'ignorance' , one of the five Giant Evils William Beveridge was talking over 60 years ago. On top of this , people are locked in the rest , Squalor(how many more depressed patients we have come across?) , Idleness(poverty at work despite lower unemployment rate?), Want remains and Disease( we know damned too well). Again , what is the origin , considering we are officially out of recession according to the rise in GDP(if you believe solely in GDP)? (4) We suffer because our patients/people suffer more and these politicians are not giving us the 'tools' to help the sufferers. We are simply stuck and squeezed as the 'middle man'. (5) Hence , it is not surprising the middle man wants to walk away . That is happening to all medical professionals: 'Increasing numbers of paramedics are leaving NHS ambulance services, according to figures obtained by the BBC. Senior staff say remaining paramedic crews are under greater pressure than ever before to meet demand. At least 1,015 paramedics left their job in 2013-14, compared with 593 in the same period two years earlier.' BBC news (Health)on 9/10/2014. (6) Yes . It is easy to say to them ,'we should tell them how good this profession is and encourage more people to join.' Say that to the young ones about GPs , about paramedics , about midwifery , etc? This will go no where if one only tries to put the cart in front of the horse , attending the consequences and neglect the origin. (7) For the young ones( students or doctors ), open your eyes wide and get a full understanding of the ins and outs of what is going on . Typically , medics like to distance themselves away from politics but as I said before , knowing politics is different from involving in politics. Do not need to believe in what anybody said(including lunatic like me!). The truth is we need more of you to join general practice solely because the flag of NHS needs to carry on flying . We need the next generation GPs to stand up against any evils trying to destroy general practice , NHS and hence social justice. The job is a mission. It requires audacity and bravery to stand up against the tides as you protect your patients. Of course, be prepared to pay high price. At the same time, nobody can stop you from leaving . I was talking to Rob( our LMC secretary) a few days ago , we agree that it is not down to old farts like us to tell you what you guys need to decide for your future. For me, I am just glad I do not 'belong' to any organisation and my only 'baggage' is my own surgery . (8) I was crying in joy not sorrow when I saw all these young students in Hong Kong right now,voluntarily (not influenced by any so called spiritual leader or political party) stand up against a tyranny stepping over social justice , fairness and liberty........

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11 Oct 2014

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