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Hospitals ready themselves for primary care takeover


It should be no surprise that in a system where medical training is over represented by hospital specialisms, where funding goes disproportionately to secondary care and where star struck politicians with a top down micro managment bent, who cant see past the doors of the hospital and the A&E department, bring in 'clever' young wiz kids from a managment consultancy firm (who if they have mates in medicine are likly working as Junior Drs in hospital) and they come to the 'smart' conclusion that we need hospitals to run primary care. Read the news papers, switch on the TV, when the NHS is mentioned the discussion is about heroic secondary care and failing primary care. The fact that around 90% of all NHS work is done in primary care is never mentioned. The fact that all this work is done on around 7.5% (and shrinking) of the NHS budget isn't considered either. In this climate of disinformation and down right basic ignorance, that the proposed solution of 'hospitals and managment' to the rescue shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. It will be more expensive, secondary care biased (i.e. expensive)...over managed and inefficient. To me the whole process of the destruction of primary care is a metaphor for the way the UK in general destroys anything that is generally good, farms it out to other people and pays too much attention to incompetent managment overly dominated by an unrepresentative corrupt and elitist political/media establishment. We don't own our own car industry, we had to get others to run it for us. We don't do anything much in this country other than shuffle other peoples money in finance in the city. We still (just about) have an excellent home grown health care system...but here we go dismantling it. We cant trust our own Drs to run primary any more, so we starve it of funding then get managment consultants to advise its taken over by fund holding hospitals and no doubt eventually large American health care companies...for the benefit of shareholders in the city of london. Its fairly simple basically. Primary care is actually and excellent and efficient system if funded appropriately. But it isn't. The answer is to fund it properly ...not dismantle it and replace it with a secondary care led monster. Its illustrative of a fundamental problem with the managment of the United Kingdom in general and another reason to emigrate, leave this country and work elsewhere.

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29 Dec 2014

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