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#GPnews: Jeremy Hunt's approval ratings lowest of all the top ministers


The NHS is effectively a monopoly. They control essentially all healthcare jobs in the UK. As the NHS is a monopoly and the boss (the health secretary) is a totalitarian leader, he feels that he has carte blanche to do whatever he likes with his slaves. Over the years doctors have been repeatedly denigrated by the politicians and the press. This applies to all medical professionals but has been particularly savage on GP’s. NHS managers feel that they are superior to the medical staff that they employ as is evidenced by the number one measure in the world that they live in - salary payments. The pay of senior NHS management now significantly outstrips that of the working clinicians. Unfortunately some clinicians have sold their souls to the devil and have made a Faustian pact taking up management roles (usually at the tail end of their careers to boost their pensions) and selling their peers into slavery. NHS managers see their job as controlling a group of lazy, indolent, stupid individuals who just won’t cooperate and get on with the important job of massaging the figures. Patent care has become a secondary activity subservient to the needs of the great bureaucratic machine itself as was evidenced by the Mid Staffs fiasco (no one in senior management was ever held accountable). Management see clinicians as worker drones whose role is to turn up, shut up and do what they are told. Politicians are cut from the same fine cloth as NHS managers and take the same view towards troublesome doctors. Someone needs to remind both groups that slavery was abolished in the UK 1833. We are not slaves and we are not tied labour. The government is very keen to talk up market forces when it suits them. What they have failed to recognise or acknowledge up until this point is the there is a global market for health care workers. This is a very painful lesson that they are just about to learn. What worries me is what is left after this cabal has destroyed the NHS. What happens to the people once the sacred cow of the NHS exsanguinates? Jeremy Hunt and his friends in the press seem determined to bleed it to death.

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15 Feb 2016

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