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What is Jeremy Hunt’s game plan?


All you need is one referendum to turn politicians in government into bonkers(or even zombies breaking out of hell mouth!). Only a couple of weeks down the road , the bloodshed and organ spillage are all over the place. The funny hair-styled Mayor spared no time to blend the dismissal of the director-general of British Chambers of Commerce (BCC, not basal cell carcinoma ) as 'scandalous'. Ozzy is so petrified of upsetting his 'leave' camp party fellows that he U-turned(another U turn) on his contentious plan of pension overhaul. And more will come. It is not about what is right or wrong but all down to a internal civil war within the tribe. The truth is this democratic ballot carries a far reaching meaning underneath: the Cameron's government to survive or a even more far right one(Johnson/Gove/IDS etc) to replace it. Indeed, when you look back to the drama in May last year . Cameron knew extremely well the weaknesses of his position in his party and the only way to have a chance to win the election was to package the party as 'middle to the right' while his far right backbenchers were always ready to overthrow him. EU referendum was a tactic for this re-packaging. Perhaps , Labour lost the campaign for being desperate to move from middle to far left in the dying moments before the general election. As I said in the past , history rewrote itself many times during economic downturn when far right ideology tried to creep back into mainstream . The US presidential candidate internal election of the Republican tells the tale. What Cameron had slightly miscalculated was the level of opposition against him inside the party.Middle ground politics does not appear to be the norm for his party.One can argue that this split is only issue specific rather outright mutiny but the political reality is whether Cameron and his mates will be still in power after 23/6. He NEEEDS these 'in' votes. Of course , one person watching very closed on this Cameron Vs Johnson match is the Chancellor . He set his target to be the PM the day he declared reaching economic surplus in 2020 but his reputation has been consistently declining . His strategies on the economy have not really worked out and he is asking more austerity in public sector . Being the fifth largest economy in the world , UK relies on service sector for over 70% of its GDP. But Ozzy decided to put all the effort on manufacturing instead and as somebody suggested on this platform before , no economy could starve itself back to positive growth by strict austerity. Small to medium sized business and hence , middle class , was squeezed and disappearing on the horizon . Only big ,corporate monsters are allowed to live with limited cash flow. The stranglehold situation needs to change: may be the risk of more quantitative easing needs to be taken as the inflation and interest rate as well as petrol price are extraordinarily low same time in history. In any case, Ozzy does not want any uncertainty factor like leaving EU to complicate his grand plan. He NEEDS these 'in' votes. What is this gonna do with us? Call me crazy but if by any stretch of imagination, we can hold these guys in their jugulars with a message : no medical professional will cast any vote in this referendum unless certain conditions are met, making peace with the junior doctors , sorting out all the contracts and/or getting rid of the SOS. Yes, we should not betray the virtue of a democratic proceeding to determine the future of the country but the whole thing has already been politicised by this bunch of despicable politicians after all. I am not planning to be a leader nor being 'brave'. Quite frankly , I lost the meaning of either of that after writing comments on this platform through these years. But if a little girl could point a finger and ridicule the emperor with no clothes ,I just follow her footsteps .....

Posted date

07 Mar 2016

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