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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

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Newly trained doctors to be tied to NHS for four years, announces Hunt


These threats of enforced servitude are not new, and they have extended to my profession, dentistry, as well for some time now. Now it seems they are intending to go ahead with this.i posted the following on a dental website, GDPUK, this morning, under the heading; The NHS Gulag. It is to be announced today that the NHS will train a further 1,500 doctors per annum in order to make up the shortfall expected as a result of Brexit. All doctors "trained" by the NHS will be obliged to work for the NHS for a minimum of 4 years. You can bet that this measure will be somehow extended to include dentists. The implications of this are quite startling, and unprecedented outside of armed forces, either here or anywhere else in the free world. Such moves are rumoured to have been considered before, but found to be in breach of EU human rights laws. This is an early example of the "Brexit dividend" at work. This is nothing other than state sponsored bonded servitude, another word for slavery.. One has to ask how this is to be enforced? Are young doctors (and presumably dentists) not going to be allowed to emigrate, to places where their qualifications and abilities will be better rewarded? What will they do about female doctors who take career breaks to have children. Will they be forced back into the NHS Gulag when they return to work, regardless of their age and circumstances? Will this imposition not encourage an increase in the already depressingly high dropout rate from the profession, by both sexes. Will this not mean that "middle class" parents, including doctors and dentists, will now seriously discourage their children from studying medicine and dentistry? Will this deter the best and brightest youngsters from taking up medicine and dentistry in the first place? The answers to those last 4 questions are an enphatic "yes". One has to ask how this will be enforced. Will they prevent young doctors from taking holidays abroad in case they decide to "defect"? Will they install "doctor detectors" at airports, along with "doctor sniffer dogs" , trained to detect that lingering trace of formaldehyde from their days in the anatomy department? Will they withhold evidence of their qualifications in order to prevent them from being employed abroad? Will they imprison members of their families, or subject them to heavy fines, if they defect? Will they try to have them extradited back to the UK if they defect? Will they send in the SAS to either abduct them or 'take them out" if another country refuses to extradite them? Ok, some of what I have said is tongue in cheek, but not all of it. You can take a bet that the Whitehall mandarins and Tory MPs behind this would not be caught dead in the resulting NHS "sweatshops" staffed by the demoralised and underresourced victims of this policy of servitude. They will seek their treatment in selected "centres of excellence" conveniently located close to Parliament, or in the private sector, or worst of all abroad, in more enlightened countries where medical professionals are treated with the respect they deserve for their abilities, hard work and dedication. Such a policy would be a flagrant abuse of human rights. There are ways to legally create a binding contract of future employment in repayment for training, but these only exist as an alternative to self funding. I can only see the above plan being morally acceptable if there is both an alternative to self fund in the first instance, and a "buy out" clause for those who wish to depart the NHS. Anything else is a form of enforced servitude in contravention of all concepts of freedom of the individual since the abolition of slavery 2 centuries ago. Audoen

Posted date

04 Oct 2016

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