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GP leaders react as Theresa May announces minority Government plan


''There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.'' Vladimir Lenin Correct me if my knowledge on NI is inadequate and naive. This political earthquake is at least of 7.0 on a Richter scale equivalent. So it means there will be a lot of 'after quakes' as well. Auntie May could only just stand outside No.10 yesterday simply because Tories did well in Scotland. The final result of the election is her party was 8 seats short of the magic 326 seats(total of 650)in House of Commons . To form a minority government, the only possibility is looking at DUP which got 10 seats, given the fact the Liberal Democrats is still licking its wounds inflicted way back in the time of last coalition government and clearly will not join the 'nasty party' again.People would not forget if you blantantly betrayed them in at least , recent history. I would though,give a bit of credit to Nick Clegg who responded to the cruel reality of the result in his constituency yesterday , by saying 'live by the sword , die by the sword' ( very game of thrones' style). His speech was revealing and sincere enough. But the truth is Ruth Davidson , against all odds , fought a spectacular battle in Scotland and won 12 more seats as compared with 2015 election. Without these , even a pact with DUP would be meaningless. So how should Auntie May 'reward' Miss Davidson ? Clearly, Tory party joining with an anti-LGBTI(lesbian , gay , bisexual, transgender , intersex people ) DUP is not going to be a good 'gift' to Miss Davidson . Obviously in terms of expedience , DUP is in a very good position to get 'something good' out of this predicament of the Tories. The righteous thing to do is understandably demanding conditions for the best intetest of people in Northern Ireland . What the DUP is really made of is beyond my knowledge and I welcome opinions from you guys . What will happen can potentially boil down to one word 'loyalty'. But we have different meanings for this word in current politics: James Comey referred to 'honest loyalty' when he gave his testimony under oath in Senate Committee on Thursday(millions tuned in to watch the over 3 hours proceeding). Honest loyalty carries a revolutionary meaning in contrast to 'blind loyalty'. The bottom line here is the whole British politics needs to be rebuilt with new values and virtues. Thanks to our youngsters who were much more involved in this election , ,wanting to 'teach' the establishment a lesson. If EU referendum last year was about the wish of right side moving populism, this general election result is neutralising(instead of neutralised) that with a left moving one. To me , it is only a fine line between the virtually derogatory word 'populism' and essentially respectable 'people's voice'. Once again: ''Arguments about justice and rights are often arguments about the purpose, or telos, of a social institution, which in turn reflect competing notions of the virtues the institution should reward and honour .'' Michael J Sandel This story only just begins....

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10 Jun 2017

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