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The real conspiracy of NHS England


Hi Nish. Don't normally head below the line myself, but couldn't let the Prof's straw man about all dissenters being anonymous stand so as someone whose stock-in-trade is whinging about the powers that be, here's my chronic unfocussed two cents. Let's be honest, this article never had a hope of hitting the fabled 5 stars, but it already has you drowning in plaudits from what Pev might call the wider Morlock community, so swings and roundabouts eh. I do think you make some valid points. Of course the people you work with in NHS England are not evil, just as my appraiser is not evil, my CQC inspector was not (provably) evil, and the U-boat Kapitänleutnant in Das Boot isn't evil. They're all normal people trying to do the best they can in tough jobs. But that doesn't mean that their actions and the system they support have a benign effect on us ordinary working GPs; quite the opposite. (Except the U-boat guy, on whom the jury is still out). There's a reason we're in a spiral of negativity. In the ten years since I was a GP trainee like you virtually every aspect of the job has got worse. That ain't fake news, it's just a statement of fact, easily backed up by looking at the stats on GP workload, GP pay, indemnity costs, numbers of applicants for jobs and so on. I'm sorry-not-sorry if my response to this is criticism of the forces I perceive to be worsening the situation, whether through malice or ineptitude. But the idea that my criticism is now a bigger problem than the *actual problem* is just daft, frankly. "Why are you retiring/quitting/moving to Australia?" "Well, my job is fine. In fact, I couldn't be happier. But I keep reading in the papers that GP is bad so I thought I'd better get out". SAID NO ONE EVER. I don't know if NHS England can make the job better. I don't believe they go into work each day to actively try and make it worse. But that's what keeps happening anyway. So here's some targeted inflammation for you; tell your BFFs at NHS England that if they really want to Make General Practice Great Again they should take all the five year forward view money and put it directly into the global sum. Nothing puts bums on seats like cold hard cash. In the meantime I will continue to call it as I see it. There is a great British tradition of therapeutic grumbling in times of adversity; it's not chronic inflammation, it's catharsis. And without catharsis you know what you end up being full of.

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04 Aug 2017

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