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A faulty production line

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The real conspiracy of NHS England


Nishma,I for one can see where you are coming from. Being one of those BMEs what has been battered by four NHSE and PCT louts for 7 years just because I had the impunity to take one of them to an Employment Tribunal and then getting an affirmative for 3 cases against the PCT single-handed while PCT was represented by a respected Law firm from London. I declined to sue them and offered to shake hands but the gesture was not appreciated. I considered myself to be going into a spiral of negativity from the point when I actually became a partner as at every step, the PCT Contractor would step on my toes. And then I ended up in a course of Clinical Leadership. I went through the modules - The Myers Briggs self assessment, Negotiation skills, the wonderful prospects of our 20th century state of art NHS and blah blah blah. For a few months, I was elated and as positive as one can be. The course finished and I was sponsored to do a BME Leadership course. One of the Speakers just happened to be our esteemed CQC Chief and I even felt positive about his work. Then I came back to the reality and my Mentor in Manchester wrote to the local NHSECCG Team recommending me to participate in the local development programmes. The balloon burst. I was not welcome. You've just been to a course and I guess you are still sailing on that cloud which actually will fizzle away because it is a cloud - it clouds your thinking, your judgement and your perception of reality. A course is a course, unfortunately, and brainwashing techniques are far advanced but they do not do any good as they prevent you from even considering the eventuality that there are flaws within the system. I repeat myself in forums raising the same stale topics but until somebody explains to me why my payslip/ my Open Exeter statement/ shows 'Total Payment Units' as 4660 but I am being paid for only 3450 - I will not rest. In a private company if your payslip said your payment is for 4660 and you were paid for only 3450 - the matter would be in Court. In NHS, there is no institution in this country which can explain the discrepancy and no solicitor wants to touch the matter till I get an explanation from somebody. Corruption, thy name is NHSE. We can't shut our eyes to criminal behaviours just because somebody funded a Leadership course and promised to make us world class leaders. Cynicism is at times the first step towards sanity. ( That is my quote and I sincerely believe in it)

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07 Aug 2017

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