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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

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BMA writes to warn patients GPs may have to turn them away over winter


Why doesnt the RCGP arrange to 'fold' the last practices in the weakest of the areas highlighted and re-alocated them to struggling areas elsewhere..... when we have 5 or 6 regions completely devoid of GPs then this will be news and make a clear mockery of the claims of increased numbers in General practice. If I were RCGP chair I would be inviting overseas recruiters here in droves to plan our mass GPexit, shut down training to new candidates due to lack of GP trainers, and start planning for the implosion of both General Practice and the NHS. I would make every surgery a billboard about how health minister after health minister has lined their own pockets through 'consultancy' work for private medical companies, and the stats for how much the legal profession makes out of suing their NHS, and how many of the politicians hold law they have made it a race to the bottom to drive out valued staff to run down the system to ripen it for privatisation..... and that when they are now forced to go privately to seek any care, it was the conservative government who wanted this...... and welcome the USA style of care..... expensive, over investigation, over treatment, poorer outcomes......and remind voters that THEY allowed it to happen by not challenging their politicians.....I would then arrange to exit the expensive London white elephant and arrange an emergency HQ in lets say birmingham, to continue the run down - a bit like Dunkirk, but from our own home soil to friendlier shores, as we are over-run by the corrupt establishment. You need an effective PR machine to fight for the resources to run a safe service, currently decent hardworking GPs are being slaughtered with more work, higher, risks and dwindling incomes...the RCGP has been extremely inept at this task. Theres an analogy here...'if you think education is expensive try ignorance'......'If you think health care is expensive..try it without Primary Care' I would hammer the stats of our efficiency everywhere, with comparable examples of waste at the bloated ends, bureaucrats pay, pensions, terms and conditions, those in the private sector to allow the public to make a comparison of value. But yet all we hear is a deafening silence from a timid RCGP too afraid to rock the boat.... more interested in self service and self promotion rather than fighting to put in a stable foundation in for their colleagues to work from.....unfortunately the heads of our respective organisations have become part of the establishment. They will not fight for us. They do not actively lead us. Therefore as they are abandoning us, we should abandon them. People should cancel their RCGP subscription. Mass resignations from RCGP might show the college the depth of feeling, collapsing the college might be the first step in recovery. If we threaten the viability of the RCGP this might finally shake up its senior staff into action. They should ballot all its members as to what action it should take.

Posted date

21 Oct 2017

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