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BMA to consider legal option if Capita problems are unresolved by January


Is there any point highlighting the obvious which is the time for talking was over a long time ago. Unless there is action, there is nothing. Our issue is the ones representing us are of the ilk of read, repeat, reward. They are not used to critically appraising the situation, thinking outside the box (Because that would mean leaving the port of safety) and have been conditioned to not rocking the boat. hence their belief that somehow they can talk it into a better situation. There is an old addage- the more unreasonable you are the more reasonable a settlement you get. Its true. Our leaders are miserable at negotiation. We can see it, but because we are often too soft during feedback and appraisal oftenn the message gets lost along the way. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs..... The RCGP/BMA etc simply needs to disengage from talking.... as long a you are 'talking' the government has you where they want.... i.e. actually doing nothing. I dont know who advises the BMA/RCGP but sadly I'm not surprised UK General practice is in the mess it is right now. This is why I left.... I could see the future and had no faith in our soft leadership...sadly I was right.... I can see whats coming....more of the same.... a slow continual degradation of the job and T+Cs. No right minded person would do it now. I was right to leave the UK. It is better overseas. But how many GPs actually have the courage to walk out and join me overseas? Leaving in bigger numbers will strengthen our case. The fewer the number of GPs left in the UK the better. GPs raise'patients will suffer' - well what happens if we dont take more positive action? There will be a lot more suffering down the line when we end up with an american style system. As time goes on there is less and less reason for me to consider returning to the UK. Our current leadership does not inspire hope. The current government is weak, yet the RCGP / BMA does not play a very powerful hand i.e. a PR campaign regarding how the current government has allowed tax evasion on a massive scale, and how many of the conservative grandees and financial supporters have used this for their own personal gain to the direct detriment of the UK public in general. And how many of the health ministers have huge conflicts of interest with private medical companies, etc The UK government would fear us disengaging and becoming a massive PR campaign for social inequality. We know health inequality follows from social inequality. The current government would fear the medical profession if we well and truly turned on them. How about all the consultants REFUSE to treat any minister or their family member privately and they HAD to use the NHS? what do you think the public support for that would be? We would be campaigning for social equality, fair tax treatment for all and an end to tax evasion, and also campaigning to end conflicts of interest in those managing the NHS.

Posted date

11 Nov 2017

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