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Best be blunt about Brexit


(1) Brexit is Brexit . I stick to this even though I voted Remain (after tossing a coin with my practice nurse as a witness). The referendum was an exercise of direct democracy , although there is an argument that the timing of the referendum was not right and things had changed dramatically since then. A second referendum is not currently favoured even by those voted Remain , according to various polls(yes , you have the right not to believe them) (2) But the ‘process’ of reaching the endpoint of Brexit is undoubtedly a distraction to every other issues vital to this country. To me , the story was just written in such a way that Brexit was the beast in the minds of the prime minister and her close aides(gone now) for grabbing more power in an ‘unnecessary’ general election. She was punished simply because of being out of touch with real people. You can argue Jeremy Corbyn managed to swing the ship called Populism in the right direction to gain more seats in House of Commons. (3) Domestic issues including health and social care were always there before the referendum. They have been simply ignored since the PM took the helm of this government because she spent all the time in Brexit , being obsessed with a ‘deal’ or ‘no deal’ with EU. The incompetence of those hard core Brexiteer cabinet colleagues(the ones she fearing )had not helped . Ultimately, domestic issues are proven to be more important than Brexit , at least , through indirect democracy in the general election.Even the divine power (or if you believe in God) sent her strong , painful messages through Grenfell Tower , cyber-attack on NHS and a series of terror attacks. (4) As far as the EU negotiation goes , one thing has become more apparent that this ‘divorce’ is not really bilateral; UK wants to break away but EU wants us to stay . And if it is a fine line between negotiation and extortion, it is ultimately about the word Power. This UK government is essentially powerless right now with a prime minister whom everyone is guessing how long will she survive for her leadership. I think this is something those strongly believing in Brexit must remind themselves all the time. Problem is there is nobody with a vision and audacity qualified this premiership with a historically unattractive job description. The prime minister also has nobody to turn to right now and the bankruptcy of trust and belief from people continues. (5) Whether Brexit will make UK great again(sounds like Mr Trump) in the future remains an academic argument to me. The financial system in the City(London) , being 10 times the size of our own GDP, is at least ready to take off one way or the other , growing eventually to 20 times bigger in 25 years , if things go ‘well’. BUT uncertainty is a slow poison. Perhaps, Mark Carney deserves some credit in sustaining the ship with all the measures from Bank of England since the result of the referendum while he had been under constant assaults from those hard core Brexiteer politicians. I think getting rid of his ‘baggages’ and setting an early ‘personal Brexit’ date in 2019 certainly had helped him to break his shackles. Unfortunately for our own GDP or economy, there is only so much Bank of England can do. The government needs the courage and vision to invest in new infrastructures(airports ,rail and housing etc )and new technologies to drive up economic growth . There is also an issue of low productivity in whole UK and hence , it is not just about the prosperity of the City . To achieve any progress on these , one needs a, once again , strong but honest government. (6)Talking about honesty , I do think Simon Stevens finally showed his spine in anti-spinning the argument of £350 million per week for NHS to put pressure back on the government. Use the lie to find the truth and it clearly states that we need the money for health and social care right now. If it is to raise tax or national insurance, so be it .Desperate times need desperate measures , simply put. (7)So where does this really lead us to? I still think it depends on May’s Choice. She has a Chancellor (arguably in a love and hate relationship with her) to announce the Budget soon and a deadline of ‘making up your bloody mind by December’ ultimatum from EU. Time is running out fast and furious . I honestly think we should move on with this Brexit or no Brexit dispute and stop the war between the two tribes. This reality needs to be shared by all of us and focus on the process . Sending abuses or even death threats to each other is only polarising the country even more...... What is ‘important’ but what is more ‘important’ ? We are witnesses of history .

Posted date

20 Nov 2017

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