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GMC gross negligence manslaughter review to look at 'diversity matters'


tbh i don't think race was the issue in this case and I'm not a big fan of the GMC - these are the issues as I see it ... 1. Dr BG's reflection were passed on by her consultant to the prosecution and were used against her. - I've recived an email from my responsible officer basically telling me that I MUST reflect or face sanctions. - when I reflect it's almost always about what can be done better or differently, however, others may view that as an admission of a mistake/error/sub standard care which is what I think happended in the BG case. - I've always assumed that reflections were used in apostive way to improve care but the GMC have now admitted that reflections can be used against you. So the first issue is that we have been ordered to reflect or face sanctions AND reflection can be viewed as an admission of fault AND can be used against you. 2 - in the origional manslaughter case - a lay Jury made the decision guided by th ejudge BUT they are not in a position to understand how we as professionals work in our role so it was not a judgement by peers and we don't know what their thought processes were in order for them to come to the conclusion that the care was way below expected. It's clear that the majority of her peers think that she did not generate errors that was in any way way below expected. so the second issue why are we being judged by lay men on our professional capacity. the third issue is why wasn't any consideration of the pressures and risks at the hospital not taken into account. It is really starnge but let's say a driver crashed a car killing a pedestrian and it was discovered that the brakes were faulty - you would expect that to be looked into but the fact that Dr BG had to cover for multiple colleagues not being mentionned is outrageous. - why wasn't the administering of the ACE not questionned as this may have been the catual cause of death? basically there are lot's of issues with the origional trial. 3. press coverage - I think race played a part here but hey the daily mail has to sell papers and to be fair they hate all doctors just foreign looking ones more. 4. the GMC made a totally illogical decision in my view to score some browny points with the public and press. issues - if the GMC are basically going to allow the criminal or civil court to make decisions on Drs competance then why have the GMC at all - they are redundant. - one expects the GMC to look at the overall safety issues and on the GJMC site it says 'Rigorous reviews and regular monitoring activities, such as our annual survey of doctors in training, help us to deal quickly with any concerns and to make sure that doctors are receiving the supervision and experience they need to treat patients safely and well.' well where was the supervision and where was the support to treat patienst safely? The GMC are hoping to get away with this but they must not. They have failed us and the public terribly. The GMNC have also basically said that - we can't walk away on duty - we have to cover and take all the risks. - if we have concerns then we have to report it but we have seen what happens when you whistle blow and are you really going to report it to the oerson who writes your reference? - the GMC also doesn't care about the circumstances that you are in should an issue occur - think about that. - if you do have an issue you MUST reflect on it - lol - the reflection can and will be used against you. 4. where is the CQC - you know the safety folks? 5. where is NHSE and you know - we must whistle blow etc 6. where are the Royal Colleges, BMA etc.. 7. where are the defence unions etc I could go on but it will depress everyone but I think thinsg are just getting worse daily and can not see anything positive about medicine in the UK. I think the race issue re: GMC is a red herring though and they are just going along with it as they know they will get away with it. The race issue is a factor for the press coverage and indirectly may influence the GMC i.e. they just want to please the press.

Posted date

22 Feb 2018

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