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Whitewash in the ivory towers


Jaimie , you have my respect for your audacity and wisdom to spend so much article space for this subject on racial issues It is also an interesting time in history of this country .Brexit was a distraction and had generated all kinds of political uncertainties with a main theme of immigration. But more importantly, it also exposed the longexisting equivocation on defining the common cultural and ethical values of our country. If Grenfell Tower fiasco was about not treating ordinary people with dignity and respect , Windrush scandal was adding more weight with discrimination of ethnic minorities. The latter triggered the memory (at least , from historians) of Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968 when he quoted a middle-aged working man ;’a decent , ordinary fellow Englishman in his constituency’ ,that this country would not be worth living for his children because , ‘’In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man." Powell was probably proven wrong if he was trying to be prophetic about what this country would turn out to be . But the controversial issues he raised have not been responsibly dealt by politicians . They now become even more prominent as the reality is , according to the 2011 UK censuses: In 2011 the majority of the UK population described themselves as belonging to the White ethnic group (87 per cent or 55 million). The remaining 13 per cent (8.1 million) belonged to a minority ethnic group. So UK did not become a completely white country, nor being stormed and occupied by all ‘aliens’ , the reality requires an opening society for multiculturalism instead.But what had successive governments done? XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX The current story of poor Amber is most extraordinary. The net consequence is we have now the first Home Secretary ,born from a Pakistan family , with a bus driver father . The irony for the far right elements in the Tory party is : he is perhaps a Neo-conservative but also from a Muslim family background. The Windrush stories undoubtedly would have an impact on him at personal level. Question is which way will he swing politically being the Home Secretary ? And remember he is a strong Remainer for EU and Brexit. This ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants will have to be ‘amended’. I think Sajid knows how crucial his role is, historically . Will he stick to his soul and conscience or else , be conquered by reality politics ? Very interesting time . Of course , the racial issues are not monopoly of one political party . The collapse of UKIP in the local elections this week was well predicted but Labour could have gained more councils if it was not for its own scandal on anti-semitism . The problem is clearly deep-seated and I cannot see any plausible way Uncle Corbyn could get himself and his party ‘out of jail’(at least , politically). As I wrote in the past , the demeanour of the political machinery behind him i.e. Momentum , had reminded me of Third International in the 1920s and 30s. Well , the history was there to read about how the Bolsheviks treated Jewish people. With the final results of the local elections , neither Tory or Labour could say they had a better upper hand of this current political deadlock. May be , Brexit after all , is a bit like the latest Avengers movie (highly recommended for fans,9.5/10!): finding the six ‘infinity stones’ : Power , Space , Time , Reality ,(but also), Mind and Soul. It is never about colour and race........

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05 May 2018

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