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NHS needs a serious funding settlement, not a political gimmick


Everybody wants to be the PM? When a prime minister tells a lie and the truth simultaneously, he/she runs a risk of being torpedoed by potential usurpers. New NHS funding will come from both tax rise (something Tories always dislike) and so called Brexit dividend. This dividend is essentially a hallmark of a hard Brexit. Listening to what Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt said today (Sunday is always a good day of ‘slip of the tongue’ for politicians.), you can understand how humiliated the prime minister had been by this whole fiasco of Brexit (hard or soft). Fox talked like the de facto prime minister saying he did not ‘mind’ the so called transition period to be longer , although stressing that the official deadline of leaving EU as per Article 50 must not be shifted . This is in contrast to his other Brexiteer colleagues (Rees-Mogg, Johnson , Davis) but he also refused to say whether he would resign if things go south . He is clever and cunning and this is ,perhaps ,in response to 100,000 people out on the street yesterday rallying against a hard Brexit . In case of a leadership contest inside Tory party , Fox will most certainly not rule himself out. In fact , he might prove himself something different from the other Brexiteers who are evidently duplicitous , feckless or fatuous . The only interesting question is his view on this new money for NHS . But please remember he used to be one of us , a former GP and is still a FRCGP. Proud of our college! Then , we have our beloved health secretary, longest serving in history, who recently rediscovered his conscience. His admission that he was struggling to reach the target of 5000 more GPs by 2020 , his comment about how GMC handled Dr BG , hence , request of a review and arguably premature apology to those women neglected by a glitch on computerised recall system for breast cancer screening ; all were there to repaint his image as an ‘understanding’ health secretary. Today , he had to admit that the Brexit dividend is probably a hoax, though he pledged some loyalty to the PM saying some economists could be wrong . "I don't think we will have very much Brexit dividend - because we're paying the divorce bill." Hunt said . Well , if Fox is a hard version of an king-slayer , Hunt is certainly a softie . Worth to remind you , he is officially on leave camp as he declared in recent months and I am sure his wife of Chinese origin will be very keen to see him sitting next to President Xi in some summit meeting in the future . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Of course , whenever there are rebels , there are die hard loyalist . Read this leading article in latest edition of NewStatesman by Nick Timothy Who is he? Remember one of the two political aides of the prime minister in the general election exactly 12 months ago who had to honourably resign after the PM failed to establish a majority government. Personally , I think it is very well written article with a lot of soul-searching and introspection, though I cannot say I agree to everything he wrote . The crisis faced by the Conservative party is more about losing focus on domestic issues like NHS , Social Care , education , crime , list goes on while it allows an unjust civil war to continue under the heading of Brexit . Labour Party is of no exception , only the political devastation and desolation to the party is relatively less. The ambiguity of its stance created by its leader is inexcusable. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Interestingly,I found myself agreeing with Nick Timothy when he wrote: As one senior Conservative said to me recently, “Labour governments fall when they run out of money. Tory governments fall when they run out of purpose.” .............. ‘’True philosophical conservatism teaches us to reflect a balance between individualism and social solidarity, between freedom and responsibility, and between capitalism and community. Conservatism should not be about selfish individualism or monetary reward, as its caricatures and critics suggest, but about our obligations to one another as members of the same community.’’ The crisis of conservatism Nick Timothy NewStatesman 20/7/2018 Publishing this article in NewStatesman, largely centre to the left media , tells you that there is a ‘alliance with your lesser enemy to confront your main enemy ‘ (as evil Mao once put) between the Tory rebels and Labour ‘remain’ MPs. But beware , it appears that it is this alliance which is more than likely to talk about the domestic issues of this country which need very urgent attention. And of course , significantly , Paul Dacre announced that he will step down as Daily Mail editor in November this year . Many of us are more than happy to label this as good news. His successor was(is?) a ‘remainer’. For those representing us , my advice is keep very close eyes on this ever changing politics and keep politically sensitive; any politically imbecile and insensitive opinion will be exploited by politician from any camp.

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24 Jun 2018

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