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GP's online low-carb model saw '40% of diabetes patients able to cut medicines'


I have found a lot of confusing information online about ‘calories’ simply because of measurement of units and arithmetics, even in textbooks: (1)calorie is the fundamental unit . Kilocalorie(kcal) is 1000 calories but Kcal is also the same as Calorie(Big C calorie ); hence , Calorie=1000 calories. People often treated them the same and that is one confusion . (2) One gram of pure fat = 9 Calories or Kcals but pure fat is NOT the same as body fat .( 1 kg pure fat = 9000 Calories or Kcals) (3) One pound of body fat actually is equivalent to 3500 Calories or Kcals. As 1 kg = 2.2 pounds , hence : one kg body fat = 7700 Calories or Kcals. Our normal daily requirement is : 2500 Calories or Kcals for male; 2000 Calories or Kcals for female . So if you try to lose one kg body fat(7700 Kcals)a week ( which is the healthiest figure to lose) , you should take only 2500 minus 1100 = 1400 Calories or Kcals per day for male ; 2000 minus 1100=900 Calories or Kcals for female ,theoretically . It is harder for lady to lose weight physiologically . The happy medium thinking is to restrict daily intake between 1000 to 1500 Calories or Kcals . Still , it is not easy practically.

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25 Aug 2018

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