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Steve Nowottny

Steve Nowottny

Editor, Pulse

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  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    A wasted chance for real changeSubscription

    31 Mar 2014Comments (4)

    In his final editorial, Pulse editor Steve Nowottny assesses the legacy of the NHS reforms one year on

  • Niall Dickson GMC chief exec 1

    GMC to launch major review of sanctions guidance

    13 Dec 2013Comments (1)

    The GMC is to conduct a major review of the sanctions it issues, as part of a series of changes to the way it regulates doctors, chief executive Niall Dickson said yesterday.

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    The MRCGP row has left lasting damage Subscription

    25 Oct 2013Comments (25)

    The past few weeks have seen some extraordinary developments in the long-running row over the MRCGP exam

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    The names who will define GPs’ future Subscription

    02 Oct 2013Comments (2)

    Pulse’s Power 50 list shows a profession in flux, writes Pulse editor Steve Nowottny

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    Stop exploiting GPs’ goodwillSubscription

    02 Sep 2013Comments (19)

    The benefits row is part of the wider debate about what the NHS can afford to do and what it cannot – a debate politicians must have the courage to lead, writes Pulse editor Steve Nowottny

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    Failing to get the basics rightSubscription

    26 Jul 2013Comments (1)

    Are NHS England’s aspirational ideas for the future getting in the way of the day job, asks Pulse editor Steve Nowottny

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    Why GPs must be free to speak outSubscription

    08 May 2013Comments (5)

    GPs’ professional status and independent contractor role give them a freedom to speak their mind much envied elsewhere in the NHS. But this month that freedom is under attack on two fronts.

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    Accountability without powerSubscription

    28 Mar 2013Comments (4)

    Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be a GP was very heaven. Or it felt like it, anyway, when the coalition Government came to power in the summer of 2010.

  • Dr Peter Swinyard head SQUARE

    Extra locum costs 'will block GP involvement in commissioning'

    20 Mar 2013Comments (4)

    GPs sitting on CCG boards will be forced to relinquish their commissioning roles because ‘stupid’ changes to pension contributions will make locum cover effectively unaffordable for many, the chair of the Family Doctor Association has warned.

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    As another difficult year ends, GPs are facing a perfect storm

    12 Dec 2012

    Whenever he’s asked about whatever may be the latest threat to GPs to appear over the horizon, GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman has a favourite way of responding. ‘Is it the end of general practice as we know it?’ he asks wearily. ‘It’s always the end of general practice as we know it.’

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    GPs must resist gagging clausesSubscription

    04 Dec 2012Comments (2)

    As any number of battle-scarred PCT managers will tell you, attempting to manage GPs is very much like herding cats

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    If ever there was a time to fight...Subscription

    27 Nov 2012Comments (8)

    It’s now more than a month since the Department of Health issued its ultimatum over the GP contract – and for many GPs, it has felt like a phoney war.

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    The GPC must consult the professionSubscription

    06 Nov 2012

    Changes to the GP contract are supposed to be the result of considered negotiation, but two weeks ago GPs were hit with diktats, not deals

  • Dr Laurence Buckman 142

    'GPs will be stunned and angered' at breakdown in talks, says GPC

    23 Oct 2012Comments (14)

    GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman has hit back angrily at the Government’s announcement on the GP contract, and warned practices they face a ‘threatened imposition’.


  • Steve Nowottny 3  Charles Milligan

    Revalidation: the unanswered questionsSubscription

    19 Oct 2012Comments (7)

    The decision by health secretary Jeremy Hunt to formally approve the launch of revalidation in December is without doubt a historic one, but we’re yet to see exactly how it will turn out, writes Pulse editor Steve Nowottny

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    A bold plan to fight NHS privatisationSubscription

    10 Oct 2012Comments (7)

    The BMA is looking at an audacious public campaign to help patients opt out of NHS care run by the private sector

  • PULSE Editorial Comment logo

    The hard truth about the fall in GP funding

    02 Oct 2012

    Put down the Daily Mail. Ignore your complaining colleagues. If you really want an accurate picture of practice funding and GP pay, you need to read Investment in General Practice 2007/8 to 2011/12 and GP Earnings and Expenses 2010/11