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Test yourself on the new contract

Have you been paying attention? You've had nearly three years of contract negotiations in which to pick up the facts. The following 20 questions should sort out whether you will be able to cope with its demands, says Rob Finch.

1 How long have the new contract negotiations taken?

a 350 days

b 35 months

c 3.5 years

2 Approximately how far has the Earth travelled since contract negotiations began?

a 2.1 billion kilometres

b 2.7 billion kilometres

c 3.3 billion kilometres

3 How much have the GPC negotiators earned in overtime payments?

a £0

b £10,000

c £100,000

4 How much does the Blue Book weigh?

a 28 grams

b 80 grams

c 160 grams

5 Which words begin and end the Blue Book?

a 'If' and 'discretionary'

b 'Do' and 'nothing'

c 'Over' and 'burden'

6 The Blue Book has:

a 97 pages, 333 clauses and three annexes

b 108 pages, 381 clauses and four annexes

c 231 pages, 544 clauses and five annexes

7 There are 1,050 quality points available in the quality and outcomes framework, but how much are they worth?

a £17,825 per GP on average

b £26,250 per GP on average

c £31,750 per GP on average

8 Which of the following did not interrupt contract negotiations?

a A tramp

b The Prime Minister

c David Beckham

9 What was said to be the maximum GPs can expect to earn in the first year of the contract?

a £103,000

b £127,000

c £154,000

10 What proportion of GPs voted Yes to the contract?

a July 2002: 75.8 per cent,

June 2003: 79.4 per cent

b July 2002: 68.8 per cent,

June 2003: 74.5 per cent

c July 2002: 77.3 per cent,

June 2003: 66.1 per cent

11 What does GPC Wales chair Dr Andrew Dearden expect to happen to him in the next two years?

a He will be knighted

b He will be beatified

c He will be £20,000 richer

12 Dr Dearden is on first-name terms with what percentage of First Great Western train managers?

a 33 per cent

b 50 per cent

c 80 per cent

13 What is Dr Dearden's favourite railway meal?

a Four-cheese pizza (Midland mainline)

b Bacon Italian melt (First Great Western)

c Salmon and cream cheese bagel (GNER)

14 Professor Roy Carr-Hill disappeared to which country?

a Timbuktu

b Xanadu

c Nepal

15 Dr Simon Fradd is leaving behind the GPC to work for which organisation?

a The Department of Health

b The Iraqi interim administration

c The French Foreign Legion

16 Which of the following has Dr Peter Holden not said that the contract negotiations were like?

a Playing six-dimensional chess

b Pulling teeth

c Watching paint dry

17 Which of the following have Pulse readers used to describe the contract?

a A 'dog's breakfast'

b A 'memorial service for our once-noble vocation'

c 'My pet hate'

d All of the above

18 GPs have criticised PCTs over the years but which of the following has not been used to describe 'the other side'?

a 'Immature'

b 'Gloating'

c 'Idiotic'

19 Which of the following did Pulse headlines not say about the contract?

a It 'is memorial service for our once-noble vocation'

b It 'betrays GPs toiling in the inner cities'

c It 'leads to patients' lives being put at risk'

20 The combined service of the GPC negotiating team is?

a 77 years

b 189 years

c 212 years

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