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The DH is 'world-leading' in pointless bluster

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Now, I accept I know sod all about the world outside of general practice, probably because I only emerge from the coalface for the briefest glimpses of daylight before the viral hordes drag me back to the darkness.

But, even in my naivety, I reckon I understand that a DH spokesperson must be some sort of person associated with the DH who speaks. And that, given that this is the person’s job, ie what they do for a living, that they could reasonably be expected to speak something that makes some sort of sense, and has some kind of connection with facts and reality.

In which case, can someone explain to me what exactly is meant by this: ‘This sample survey was carried out before we launched our world-leading plan to improve conditions in general practice’. Because this is what a ‘DH spokesperson’ said in response to a news story reporting that all (OK, most) of us GPs are still planning to retire/leave/reduce our hours/find some other way of hanging up our pick-axe.

In case you’ve sped-read that quote and are under the impression that it might make some kind of sense, it’s the ‘world-leading’ bit I’d like to draw your attention to. I literally cannot believe that the spokesperson spoke that. That said, the GP Forward View does beat the shit out of anything that Swaziland has produced in an effort to save our profession, so that’s probably what they meant.

Or maybe they were just defaulting to the standard way of deflecting considered concern and objection by blustering out ridiculous statements of self-aggrandisement. You know, from the same hastily consulted lexicon of shameless inflation which gave us Gold Standard Frameworks, Integration Pioneers, Beacon Practices, Health Champions, MCP Vanguards et al.

It’s a sure sign that an idea has massive deficiencies when it has to be bigged up by some ridiculously conceited label - a fact which evidently hasn’t been lost on GPs who, according to Pulse’s latest survey, are no less likely to resign than they were before that World-Leading Forward View.

And I doubt that will change until we hear what the Swazis have to say.

Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP in Essex. You can follow him on Twitter @DocCopperfield

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Readers' comments (9)

  • The more I read DH spokesperson comments, the more I am reminded of the Orwellian 1984. The fact they were delighted to announce the 1% pay rise in recognition of all the hard work shown by NHS staff being an admirable example - i.e. a pay cut.

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  • It's all so mad. All I can suggest is that you retire immediately. I did so a year ago. Now what used to give me migraines makes me laugh and what irritated the sh*t out of me makes me laugh. What these morons say about General Practice makes me laugh ... but what has been done to the firm system in hospitals, what has been done to the relationships between consultants and GPs, what been done to break down a cohesive service where I used to work alongside midwives and health visitors on a weekly basis ... but where I now dont know their names. That makes me weep

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  • Vinci Ho

    DoH - Ministry of Truth
    NHSE- Ministry of Plenty
    CQC/GMC- Ministry of Love

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  • DoH - Ministry of Truth
    NHSE- Ministry of Plenty
    CQC/GMC- Ministry of Love

    Completely agree!

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  • Ministry of Spin.
    Doesn't this grandiose spin just drop off the tongue so easily..
    World leading, that's a joke, cannot even sort out GP in the
    UK, never mind the world, but that's the point if politics isn't it?

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  • doctordog.

    DNA's remind me of government stop smoking schemes.
    All that hand wringing about effects on health, but all that lovely tax revenue.

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  • When I was a GP CCG Exec under the past regime of the Blessed St Tony, we were given "World Class Commissioning".The apparatchiks always looked hurt when I suggested that I presumed that the relevant "World" was the Third one.
    Plus ca change etc.....

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  • Just Your Average Joe

    Expecting no tears from the DOH - but I'm back earning pretty much what I was when I started as a partner back in 2003, thanks to the year on year cuts, expenses increases and staff and locum costs, as as increase tax and NI/pension contributions, potential tax on pension contributions and lump sums.

    Added with inflationary losses.

    By contrast my peers who went into the city, or other professions have seen increases with year on year progression and work related bonuses. (They also stopped seniority payments just when they started to add value!)

    Until they stop all the media bashing, and increase pay and conditions to give meaningful reasons to continue/return to being a GP - those extra numbers will prove to be a distant dream.

    The GP Forward view was just a stop to the punitive treatment of Primary care, not really an injection of love and finances to change the landscape.

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  • Check out the news from Yeovil. Another "failing" practice taken over. So we've moved on from WAS to Working in Trust.
    Got to be the answer. How did we miss it for so long? There'll be a queue of junior doctors wanting to sign up for that gig, no doubt about it.
    Brilliant. Thanks goodness for our leaders. Where would we be without them?

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Dr Tony Copperfield is a jobbing GP in Essex with more than a few chips on his shoulder