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Gold, incentives and meh

Referendum fallout

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A patient with metastatic cancer came to see me the other day and said she’d just had liposuction because she didn’t like the shape of her backside.

Who do you think cleans your bathrooms, drives your taxis and wipes your grannies’ arses?

That, by the way, was my attempt at a joke to lighten things up and the patient interaction didn’t actually happen. It’s called a metaphor. Now for any people who voted out in the recent referendum (I doubt if there will be many) I will explain all the grammatical terms carefully.

The above example is saying we, the UK, are like a terminally ill patient. That is we have lots of really serious problems. The removal of bum fat is a cosmetic problem, some would argue not really a problem at all, in this case it is an analogy for questioning our EU membership.

Now I am guessing that most of people who voted out have never visited a nursing home in the wee hours. Well I have, many times and guess who answers the door to you nine times out of ten… it’s one of those scrounging eastern Europeans who come over here and take all our red eye shifts in care homes looking after our demented octagenarians (that’s irony by the way).

To paraphrase a quote from the film Dirty Pretty Things: who do you think cleans your bathrooms, drives your taxis and wipes your grannies’ arses? (that is a rhetorical question).

But that does not do justice to the endless list of filthy, backbreaking, tedious, poorly paid and unpopular work done by the immigrants because the indigenous population are too lazy, feckless or incompetent to do it themselves.

Now I’m sorry if I have offended anyone who voted out, no, actually I’m not. Do you realise what an utter and complete mess you have thrown the country into?

Putting aside the fact all the leaders are resigning or being pushed out and nobody (not even the idiots who instigated all this crap) knows what to do next, without an immigrant population our health service is not going to survive.

In case you hadn’t noticed the NHS only runs because a section of the workforce are prepared to work long antisocial hours for low pay and lots of them are immigrants.

Sorry there is no hopeful end note here, but regarding the out vote, the resultant racism and all the other fallout – none of this is in my name (and that is just a fact).

Dr David Turner is a GP in west London

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Readers' comments (22)

  • There are a couple of themes in these comments which I think need to be addressed.

    First, the idea of "you lost, now you must shut up". Ian Hislop nailed this on Question Time this week. That's like saying that after an election the losing parties all have to shut up for five years. That's not how it works.

    Second, the 48%/52% business. We knew in advance that farage would not accept a 48/52 result that went against him. As it turns out, many Leave voters did not want to leave the EU, they just wanted to send a message about the savage austerity polciies that have made life a living hell for many.

    Third, there's the question of what people actually voted for.

    1. More money for the NHS. That's been dropped, the £350m was never available and with the catastrophic damage to the UK economy it's unlikely there will be any money at all. Hunt is still pressing ahead with imposing the new junior doctors' contract and most of the Leave leaders were in favour of privatising the NHS anyway.

    2. Less migration from outside the EU. The government has been able to do this all along, it's nothing to do with the EU, the onyl reaosn we take refugees from Syria is because, as a country, we have some vestiges of a conscience.

    3. Less migration from within the EU. This can be stopped by leaving, but not if we want free trade. If you genuinely want to reduce free movement of EU citizens to the UK - and vice-versa - then there will be a substantial additional burden on export trade. If, like Farage, you have an offshore bank account, you probably don't care. If you work in Sunderland, Burnaston, Deeside or Swindon, you probably do.

    Finally, there is the matter of informed choice. Holding the UK to a Brexit decision is akin to telling a cancer patient who refused chemotherapy in favour of homeopathy, that they can never change their mind, even thought he decision was not informed by facts or reality. In fact, that analogy is very apt: the quacks also always run for the hills when the consequences of eschewing medicine for nonsense become apparent.

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  • David Turner -Im afraid you have totally missed the point about why a majority voted to leave and it has nothing to do with excluding Eastern European care workers which you seem to suggest . They do an invaluable job and are welcome here now and in the future . The point is we will be able to control and be selective about the numbers . Im afraid like many of you from the metropolitan chattering classes are simply bad losers!

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