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Thanks Jeremy Hunt - you’ve done a huge amount for me this year

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Dear Jeremy,

Can I call you Jezza? I can’t stay quiet any longer. You’ve had a bit of stick from my colleagues recently, and I want to say sorry. For some reason you’ve quite got their hackles up. Sure, you appear to have a wanton disregard for the welfare of highly trained professionals, patient safety and, in fact the very existence of the NHS, but it’s not as if you massively spun slightly questionable statistical papers for your own agenda is it?

My CV looks bloomin’ brilliant now

Frankly all this negative press seems a bit harsh to me. I mean it’s not all your fault is it? There’s that friend of yours, Dave, who seems to be really in charge (although no one actually admits to voting for him). And if you know someone who owns a company keen to earn some bucks from healthcare, then why not let them run a GP surgery or a hospital? For you it means fewer staff, less paperwork, easy life: I get it. OK, so a few companies have realised that poorly people don’t make them money, and have ditched their contracts leaving patients stuffed , but it’s business. These things happen! I’m still #TeamJezza.

I’m not like my colleagues, Jezza, You’ve done a huge amount for me in the last year and I want to say ‘thank you’. Until you raised your NHS-targeted missile, I thought I was just a GP. Now I have realised that this simply isn’t the case. I am so much more.

In the last year as well as being a highly trained, and experienced, ‘Consultant in Community and Family Medicine’, I have developed a number of additional skills, for which you are almost entirely responsible.

I have learned how to create a website, how to harness social media to create a movement of thousands of likeminded people. I have created content that has gone ‘viral’, I can write a mean press release, I’ve discovered a previously suppressed love for writing. On top of that, I have learned about corporate law, how to create a social enterprise, and more about the NHS than I ever thought possible. I have made a wealth of similarly driven contacts.

I have even been headhunted for lucrative non-medical jobs, because, let’s be honest, Jezza, we doctors can often be bloody good at anything we put our mind to.

And the reason I want to thank you Jeremy is that, when your eventual goal is made clear, and the NHS folds, like many of my colleagues my CV looks bloomin’ brilliant now. In the end, I think we will all be OK (although our patients certainly won’t).

So thanks Jezza. Perhaps next I’ll try my hand at being a spin-doctor.

Dr Susie Bayley is a GP in Derby and chair of GP Survival

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Readers' comments (11)

  • Vinci Ho

    You see
    I am one b**t**d regularly contributing to this 'a bit harsh' on Agent Hunt and should be locked away . I was also recommended to have some therapy for what I wrote on this platform . The truth is I am already having a 'therapy' by writing all these rubblish in here . So , in fact , like yourself , I have to thank him as well .

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  • Let's face it, we are all in competition with each other. Many will fall and some will stand.

    Will the last GP standing be caring and compassionate after the rat race to the bottom?

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  • I just looked at your website Susie and I am afraid I am uninspired. Looks like you are trying to help the independent contractor status survive rather than general practitioners per se. I see your "campaigns" but what is your actual strategy?

    Here is one - Ditch the contract comrades!

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  • I think we learned a lot about how beneficial the Secretary of State's hospital tourism has been for him recently, when he opined from the Dispatch Box and officially apologized for the death of a child who had "pneumonia and a chest infection".
    This combination for the duty of candor by a non clinician, combined with a hint that he has not really mastered the diagnostic lexicon, leads me to worry. Perhaps he could leave clinical language, and the consequences of clinical actions, to those better versed in Medicine?

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  • He doesn't just get diagnostic terminology wrong. He also thinks that "understanding of sepsis within NHS is totally inadequate". For one, that offends me. I think his understanding of NHS is totally inadequate.
    Does anyone know of a petition to displace this bloke?!

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  • Yes there was a petition (successful) last year to debate a vote of no confidence in him in parliament. The "debate" was had and so called "democracy" prevailed....!

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  • There is no point in continuing to moan. GPs need exit strategies other than retirement and emigration. Many are still young with families to support in the UK and rent / mortgage to pay.

    Why hasn't the GPC developed a private health insurance package?

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  • Yes private insurance like Vets and Dentists

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  • Can private GPs make an NHS referral to secondary care?

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  • Susie, it took me a while to connect this opinion piece to the video article in which you and other partners actively encourage people to join partnerships even though in this article your final paragraph recognises that the NHS will "fold."
    You are not related to Brian from are you?

    Ditch the contract comrades!

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